A visit

She rang the doorbell and got prepared to the worst. When the door opened, she said: «Hello, I am the mistress of your husband», and resolutely she stepped into the apartment. 

On the threshold there stood a small, plain woman with dull eyes. "Oh, I see, come in, my name is Christina", with a dull voice said the woman. - Want a cup of tea?" 

She was stunned with such a reception! «Bastard!» - she thought about her beloved, «How could he have brought a woman to such a condition?" She walked over to the kitchen. The table was already laid with tea for two. She liked when a table is beautifully set. She did it always, even when she was home alone. Awkward silence hung on. "Why am I here? What did I want to achieve? What to see?" Christina poured tea in the cups, and they were sitting silently opposite each other. And suddenly she realized that little woman could be incredibly beautiful if the hand of a professional applied.

- Christina, let's make a real beauty of you? - She asked. 

- Why? – again with a dull voice replied Christina. 

- For no reason, let them envy... 

Not waiting for an answer she rushed into the bathroom. Chose the appropriate hair dressing foam, grabbed the hair dryer, the hair-brush and brought it all to the kitchen. 

She seated Christina in the middle on a chair and made her ridiculous bun of hair loose over her shoulders, the woman did not resist. It was already good. Styling turned out perfect. Now make-up... She emptied everything that was in her purse. Yes, that is enough. A little eyebrows correction, shade the corners of her eyes, eyelashes, painting lips... 

And finally there was a brilliant picture of the face. A kind of doll who was then even smiling, looking at her reflection in the mirror. 

The tension that prevailed between two women up to those minutes suddenly evaporated. Christina so trustingly allowed to do all those manipulations, as if they had known each other for ages. 

She sat down in front of Christina on the knee and with two fingers took her chin turning her face a bit to the window. And suddenly it seemed to her that Christina somehow moved closer. No, not with her body, but with something internal, her soul, probably... She leaned to her ear as if to say something, but instead she touched the ear lobe with her tongue, gently, not to scare off. Christina got stiffened inside, but didn't shrink... And then she gently touched this doll face moving to her lips, slightly parted them, waited a second... and suddenly both of them got seized with a wave of sweet, all-absorbing kiss... 

When it was finally over, Christina whether exhaled, or whispered: "let's go..." 

It was the bedroom. Their marital bedroom. With a bed two-on-two meters and other conventional elements and objects. 

How they ended up in the bed and what happened next they both vaguely remember. 

But there the door slammed. That was him coming home from work, for some reason too early. He saw scattered cosmetics in the kitchen. He got surprised no one was meeting him and just in case... he looked into the bedroom. Christina reacted first. She turned her head to him with her beautiful, glowing devilish twinkling eyes, stretched out sweetly and said: "Join us, darling..."

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