Strange episode

First, I’ll tell you about myself: I am a slender blonde with a great figure. The chest size numer 3 and the butt have always been attractive to guys, but I needed only one...

He studied in my group in the university. He said I was very pretty, but he loved another girl...

That day I was sitting in a park and crying. People were flashing around, but they didn't interest me. I was not even interested in two very cool guys sitting on the next bench. But suddenly a girl sat down next to me – she was very beautiful: her black hair fell over the shoulders and beautiful breasts, her beautiful face reflected compassion and understanding - she guessed what I was crying for.

- Do not cry for those who don’t need you, let them cry losing such happiness like you!

I was surprised, but she continued:

- I'm Claire! I will soon be twenty. And you?

- I'm Bella, I'm eighteen.

- Don't cry. - Claire said and hugged me, I didn’t move away, and I didn’t want to. - Come on, I know what can help you.

- And what is it? - I said partly sarcastic and partly curious, because since her appearance I stopped crying.

-Hot tea, a chance to share your problems. 

To be honest, I would go with her anywhere she would have asked for, even to the world’s end.

We went on. Her house was very close. It was very cozy in there. No one was home. Claire took me to her room, I sat down on the bed. A minute later tea was ready. I drank tea, Claire invited me to take a shower.

- But I have nothing to put on after. – I said.

- Put on my bathrobe. – Claire said.

I took a shower and called my parents, saying I was spending the night at a friend's. I went into the room. Claire wasn't there. I lay down on the bed and fell asleep. I woke up with gentle touches of Claire’s hand to my cheek. I opened my eyes. Claire was dressed in a transparent robe and panties. 

And suddenly I wanted her very much. Claire, as if guessing my thoughts, kissed me. Gently and carefully I kissed her back, Claire was kissing me harder. Gradually her lips moved onto my neck, the collarbone and the chest. 

By the time I was completely naked. She was caressing my nipples with the tongue, kissing and fingering them. Her fingers stroked my crotch, and I removed her robe and her wet through panties. And suddenly her tongue went down below. She kissed my belly-button, this time her finger penetrated into my vagina. I cried out.

- Yes, honey! I love you.

Her tongue slipped lower, she caressed my clit. I caved in and cried. Then I grabbed her hand with my head and sweet orgasm pulsed through my body. My vagina defecated with juice Claire was licking off with her tongue. I kissed her very passionately on the lips, but I did not stop there. I wanted to inhale the scent of her vulvar lips, to kiss them, to lick over... I buried my face into her pussy and began working with the tongue. Claire was screaming and moaning, making me aroused more and more.

We continued to caress each other until exhausted we fell asleep. For everybody we were just inseparable friends, but away from others’ eyes... That went on until we met a guy, but that's already another story.

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