The confession of a high-class prostitute

The phone rang. It was an order. The order for me particularly. I had 20 minutes to get ready. It was easy - the clothes was just a translucent raincoat on the naked body and a chain on the belt between the legs. It's a uniform. What could I do, every work is specific...

I was seated in the car and blindfolded. Taking off the blindfold was impossible. It was another term. 

There were two of them in the apartment, as far as I could determine with my eyes closed. At least, judging by breathing, there were definitely two persons. Then I realized that one of them was a woman. But a man was the only one speaking. 

They took off the cloak and sat down on the sofa, the chain between my legs stretched taut and cut into the most sensitive part between the legs. I slightly groaned... Woman's breasts touched my back. Everything was happening in complete silence and darkness – my eyes remained covered.

She hugged me from behind and began stroking my chest, the chain was getting wet, I was ready for anything. The man’s voice sounded: "Spread your legs". I obeyed.

Female hands pulled the chain back. I moaned and arched, it was painful and pleasant at the same time. I can stand these tests, that’s why I’m often ordered for such parties. 

Male hands grabbed me from under my knees and lifted my feet up, the woman didn’t let me throw them over behind. It’s a very hard position, I tell you. But when there’s no choice, I have to adapt. So I usually do. I could do only one thing – to moan or scream, that was allowed.

Then I felt the man's fingers between my legs, by then I was being just caressed and very gently by the way. The chain had long been wet and my fingers easily slid up and down, sometimes getting inside. The woman behind allowed me to recline a bit. The tension eased and I was gradually enjoying what was happening...

But it couldn’t last so long. I knew it was just the calm before the storm. My legs were released, but only in order to put me on my knees before the sofa. The woman again pulled the chain, it was violence, but I had to suffer all that. I was hurt! I was good. And all that at the same time. 

The woman parted my buttocks and the man's fingers went into my little ass. I growled. 

I’m always growling, when my little hole is being invaded...

He removed his fingers and started to shove up his trunk in there! Then I realized I was screwed... That size! It was terrible. The woman realized that it wouldn’t do without some preparation, then with her tongue, she started preparing my hole. I was moaning with pleasure, I wanted this cock in my ass. I was ready...

He got in unexpectedly. I choked with pain in the first second. He froze for a moment... And then he began hammering me away. The woman’s hands lifted my ass up, and I was screaming! He came quickly, and it was good – I wouldn’t have survived a longer time.

When he came out, I felt my torn ass being licked by the gentle tongue of that woman, the pain was passing away, I was okay, and then the lower belly got cramped – I had cum!

I was put on my feet, the knees trembling, and they put on my cloak and brought into the hallway, where our driver picked me up, carefully brought me to the car and allowed to remove the blindfold. "Tired?" carefully he asked. "Tolerable enough", I said, then weakened the chain between the legs and dozed off on the soft seat of the car.

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