I came to Kate I hadn’t seen for more than 2 weeks, and I wanted having sex incredibly. It turned out that her mother came to her, that was so lame for I was going there imagining us having a good time this weekend. In short, we locked the door in the room, at first I tried to ignite Kate, but she was adamant. 

- What are you doing, my mom can come in.

Kate tried to reassure me that her mom would go to visit her neighbor and then.... 

An hour had passed. We had already watched all the photos, I had listened to all the latest news about Kate's friends. In short we did everything but sex. And then as luck was against us, the neighbor came to visit her mother by herself, damn, that was really a bummer. They sat in the next room and talked about something. I actually got upset and was on the verge. Kate noticed this and decided to cheer me up with her affection. Of course, I was pleased with such turn of events. 

At first we were just kissing, then I undid the bra, lifted her shirt up and began kissing her breast. Oh God, her scent as always drove me crazy. Kate was moaning and biting her lips. The situation of possible being caught was turning me on extremely. I slipped one hand to the vagina which was already wet. 

With two fingers in circular motions I began to stimulate Kate’s clit. Kate was more actively doing upward movements to me. Five minutes of such foreplay and I realized that Kate would cum soon and I decided it was high time for me to settle my buddy. 

I started to unbutton my jeans, but she suddenly pulled away from me and looked at me with clouded eyes. Then she stood quickly up and began getting undressed and took everything off and threw on then just a robe, I also began to undress, but I saw her gesture not to do it and then I just pulled the jeans down to the knees and Kate sat on top. She turned my hard like concrete penis to her vagina and it was the most awesome and long-awaited plunging, that I was on the seventh haven!!! 

Since my cock completely immersed in the pussy, Kate waited a minute enjoying the moment and then quickly began pacing up. I was kissing her, so she couldn't moan aloud. My back was burning from Kate’s nails. I helped her with my hands pulling her on my dick. 

After a five minute sprint, I barely managed to pull out my cock and a powerful jet erupted straight to our bodies. Along with me Kate felt the powerful orgasm, and two girlfriends were still talking behind the door not knowing what was happening with us. 

It was just wonderful. Many times later Kate and I again and again repeated those tricks, because when you know that you can easily get caught, it turns you on, but the first time is the first time. It was the brightest one and that's how it happened.

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