With a homophobe

While young we often make mistakes, but some of them appear to be beneficial sometimes. Here's my story...

He's 19, he goes in for boxing. He is athletic and brutal fellow with the name Oleg. We’ve been friends with him for 7 years. One day he asked me to come to him to hang out and drink beer. It all began as usual: conversations about sports, school and girls. Accidentally I let slip that I had sex with a guy.

- What are you, crazy? How can you fuck with a guy?

- It’s the same as with a girl, only it feels different.

- Never understood you fags... How can that be good?

- But there’s nothing bad as well. I do it to have fun...

So, word for word, and glass after glass time had passed to 1:00 am and the amount of alcohol came over 6 liters... 

- Bob, what do you like in sex with a guy best?

- Most of all I love doing blowjob.

- Have you often had anal sex?

- Three or four times. I didn’t count...

There was silence in the room, the table lamp was illuminating the space. Oleg was lying on the couch and texting with his girlfriend. I went outside to throw out the empty beer bottles. Suddenly, through the window I saw Oleg running his hand over his already noticeable tent on the pants. I didn't pay much attention to that, and, returning to the room I decided to say goodbye and go home.

- See you tomorrow evening. Let’s walk then.

- Bob.

- What?

- Blow me...

For a straight guy such an offer would have sounded crazy, especially from a friend, but for a guy "in the know" it's like a gift of candies for the New Year. Without thinking, I approached the couch where Oleg was lying, took off my shirt and settled between his legs.

- Come on, – said Oleg.

I removed his pants and the briefs. From the navel there was a barely visible trail of hair and, near this track of hair on his ridged stomach there was his penis ready for anything. The cockhead was covered with foreskin. I have never seen such a beautiful penis. I watched him for about five seconds...

- Stop watching, start sucking.

The desire of a friend is the law. I took his cock in my hand and bared the cockhead. It was bright pink. His penis had a mind-blowing and pleasant smell. I slightly licked the head over and slowly began sucking. First easily, then shoving it deeper and deeper. I felt Oleg moving in time with my motions. I was pleased to realize I was doing blowjob to such an athletic guy. I started stroking his thighs, thebelly...

- Hey!  Don’t take much fancy, – he said.

After five minutes of deep sucking I felt his cock got firm and the head increased in size and turned bright red.

- Bob, bring condoms here.

- Why?

- I’m gonna fuck you, that’s why.

That’s what I did not expect from him. How can a homophobe offer such a thing? Well, in principle, it does not matter. The main thing is the process. A couple of deft moves and a condom was taken out from the package. A couple of moments and the elastic resin was pulled on the cock almost bursting out of  skin.

- On your all fours.

- As you prefer.

On all fours I relaxed. Oleg, without thinking put his cock against my anus and sharply pushed it in. I felt the pain. He was slowly pushing the cock deeper and after a minute I felt he had got it all in. 

- It’s warm there.

- Of course, it's warm. How did you think.

- Don’t fidget, better get ready to breaking your backdoor.

With those words he quickly began increasing the pace and the depth of plunging. I felt his cock sliding inside of me. I was a little hurt, yet nice. I was pleased being had by such a brutal young ex-homophobe. His cock was coming out of me and then flew in with incredible speed. He grabbed my hips and drove the cock all the way in. I softly cried out. He started fast and with little amplitude moving his cock inside. I felt that greatly stimulating my prostate. My cock got up too, and I began helping with a hand.

- Jerk off faster, I'm almost cumming, – said Oleg, moving on inside.

I increased the pressure and suddenly felt cum was ready to erupt. Not holding back emotions, I cumshot right on the bed sheet. Oleg, seeing this, immediately took out his cock, removed the condom, lay on the sofa, grabbed my head and drove the cock right down my throat. By that time it increased to such an extent that I had almost got a gag reflex, but he felt it and took out his cock a bit and began to fuck me in the mouth.

- Go ahead, I'm already on the verge.

I took him by the hips and started moving my head and in ten seconds I felt hot sperm flowing out of the cock directly onto my tongue. His sperm was so sweet! I never tasted more delicious semen. I swallowed one stream after another. I thought it would last forever...

- Okay, let's get dressed. It’s good when it’s good enough.

We got dressed, I went home and he remained lyiing on the couch in the same position he was cumming...

I'm still with him dating and having sex, but that first time will stay unforgettable...

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