My first anal sex

Evening. Having dinner. Usual small talking. I like him. I feel he likes me as well. Unexpectedly quick sequence of events still caused some tension. But I was ready and waiting for action. Previously, from conversations I realized that he was interested in anal sex and he wanted to do it with me. I was not scared, on the contrary, I was curious, because I always wanted to try that. 

And here we are. Repino. A hotel. A room. He’s getting undressed and lying on the bed. 

His cock is soft yet. I take off my shirt and bare the chest, but staying in shorts. Getting on the bed, kneeling down, bowing my head and taking his cock in my mouth. Pretty much I’m embracing the cock with the lips and slowly moving my head. Then faster and faster on. His cock is swelling up and ceased completely fitting in my mouth. 

I took off my shorts and the panties by his request and sit on the cock. He bent me down to him and began moving, and that very moment his finger slowly getting in my anus. After that he got out of me in the same position (I was on top) and began slowly shoving his cock in my ass, initially having put some saliva on. At first I felt pain in the area of the sphincter when he was plunging in. But when his cock drove in entirely, the pain was gone, I relaxed and felt pleasant frictions. 

Shiver crept over my spine - from the coccyx to the head.

The toes had a tingling sensation. The warmth spread throughout the whole body. The dick was sliding in the ass. I was very surprised that the get-in-moment had passed fairly quickly and without any problems. I really relaxed focusing on the sensation in the area of my ass. He turned me over on my back. I wrapped his torso with my legs. He went on moving, but now faster. 

I used to think that such a posture is comfortable for having traditional sex, but it appeared to be same comfortable for anal one. Then he turned me on my side. He took me by the hair and began good strong movements. I always loved the forms of coercion and humiliation in sex. And there came something that seems for many people disgusting, obscene and depraved. I was being fucked in the ass.

Thinking about it aroused me even better. I was fidgeting. Something strange was happening to my legs. They entwined and turned in opposite directions. I just couldn’t affect them. His cock rested at some point inside my ass. I couldn’t control myself anymore. I wanted to go on faster and faster. 

I was crying. He covered my mouth, it became hard to breathe. It caused even greater concentration of sensations in the ass. It was all burning. In the head there was only one thought running — he took me, he fucked me. Then he came out of my ass. Got on his knees. Took me by the hair and pulled to the cock. He quickly began masturbating in front of my eyes, and I was waiting for his semen in my open mouth.

And there he put the cock in my mouth. His hand was still holding my hair. Cum spurted into the palate and spread over the tongue, then over the lips and the chin. He looked at me and smiled. I looked at him and smiled too. Then he lay down next to me and gave me a tender hug.

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