Summer tale

This year summer was surprisingly warm and soft. Even at night it was so warm that you don’t want to stay home. We haven’t seen each other so long, but today suddenly for no reason you called. You are always welcome, you know... Love never ends, it just goes to a new level. And I’ve been loving you for a long time...

We were sitting on the cushions on the floor of the balcony among my flowers and drinking tea. It was already past midnight, but we wanted to tell each other so much. I chatted almost incessantly, as always, you stinted yourself telling just short stories of what had happened to you during past time. I felt comfortable and easy next to you. 

A star fell down from the sky. In summer stars often fall down...

You reached out your hand and put it on my knee. I realized that I just can't wait. The desire has been long flying between us, but we were as students timidly waving it away from us. You got up and left into the room. You came back soon holding my kerchief in your hand. How did you find it? You folded it in a band, got behind my back and blindfolded me. I have long been accustomed to trust you, therefore I didn’t utter a word.

Standing behind you pressed me to your legs, and my nape rested exactly on your buddy, and felt it was totally ready. How long have you been in that ready condition, I wonder? Obviously longer than a few minutes... I have the same sweet ache in the stomach and familiar warmth made me spread a bit my legs slightly bent in the knees.

You put your hands on my shoulders, bent over a bit and began caressing my chest. We didn’t have much clothes on, my light robe slid off my shoulders easily. I couldn't see what you were doing because of the blindfold, but I felt each your motion. You put me on my feet and turned around to face the parapet of the balcony. “Sixth floor”, flashed through my head, “and I'm afraid of heights!" 

So that's why you blindfolded me! 

You put my hands on the parapet and slightly drew to you, so that my body sagged in the waist. I was already on the verge of the fact your hands touching my body. I feel the your warmth and your desire. Desire of me! You run a hand between my legs, barely touching my pussy. She's wet already just with the preparations. She is waiting and longing for you. 

But you're not in a hurry. As always – you are teasing and caressing until I’m moaning with wild desire. I am ready to scream – “Take me”, but at this point, your hand clamps my mouth over. Of course, cried I now, all the 10 floors would wake up! You did very well and, as always, you have foreseen everything! Simultaneously you are driving into me at full swing from behind, so I bend forward with surprise and... pain. Frozen for a moment you let me feel you inside of me and then you begin to move. First slowly, gently, tenderly, but It’s not enough for me any longer. 

I’m not thinking I’m on the balcony in front of the parapet on the sixth floor. I sit on you sharply to feel the pain inside... And, as always, I’m the first to cum! Oh, these tricks! I want to cum together. 

It’s good your hand still clamping my mouth, only my muffled growling is being heard. In other case the whole house would have hung up!

When the trembling in my body calmed down a bit thanks to your strong arms, you whispered in my ear: "Everything is fine", - and unhooked my hands from the parapet, I didn't even notice how tight I gripped it. You put me with my stomach on the cushions where we were sitting before, and patted my back. Then you got down to my ass. I love it so much. You are caressing me gently, just a little squeezing with your hands, spreading my butt cheeks and fingering between them. 

I’m quietly purring and giving my ass into your hands, knowing what will happen next... But as always, just in case... you are whispering: “May I”? Of course, I want it, want it, want it... And you are driving into my hole with such force, that I have no time to take a breath... so, be it. I wanted it myself! But there you can no longer stand it, the movements are getting faster, I'm moving forward and here we are cumming both, and at the same time. In order not to scream, I’m digging my teeth into the cushion... And it seems to me I’m falling into a deep abyss...

Then you called a cab and went home, as always, to get lost again for a couple of years... 

I was sitting on the balcony among the flowers, watching stars falling down from the sky... My body was recalling your hands and a faint tremor ran through disappearing somewhere in the depths of the soul. I loved you, but love is not subjected to time... I'll be waiting for you…

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