Decided to try

My name is Alexander. I decided to publish my story. I'm 23, handsome enough, height 178cm, athletic build.

I’m not lack of girls, but recently I came up with the idea to try having a passive guy giving me blowjob. I placed an ad on one of the websites, but mostly older guys responded, but I wanted to find a young man of feminine appearance, so to say.

And one day I stumbled upon a new ad, it said a guy of 18 years old wanted to try a passive role. I decided to respond. I had long been in correspondence with him, I offered a meeting many times, but he hesitated saying he was afraid. And then one day he decided.

We agreed that the whole thing would be taking place in my car. He was late for the appointed time and I was beginning to think he changed his mind. The time was 10.00pm, there were not many people outside there and 10 minutes later in the rear view mirror I saw a guy approaching my car (it was him). The thoughts about how he would look didn't fail. That was a pretty nice guy, and he was neatly dressed.

- Sorry I'm late, - he said with a trembling voice.

- Everything’s fine.

- Are you ready to go? - I asked

First, I didn't know what to talk to him about, and he was sitting in silence as well. Then little by little we found topics to talk about. I found a place to park after 10 minutes of driving (far away solitary area with no houses nearby). I stopped the car. Asked him if he was ready? He said: “Yes”. He was obviously nervous. I pulled down my pants and almost immediately my buddy began increasing in size. I saw him swallowing saliva and he said:

- You something goes wrong, tell me. Okay?

He began not very deftly, but a minute later he was sucking quite confidently and I loved it. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind me holding his head with my hands and setting the pace. He mumbled something and I paced up. I was fucking his mouth as I wanted, and he didn’t resist. In 5 minutes he began moving faster and I got ready for the moment to cum, besides, he was willing to swallow. Usually, I cum very brightly and having much sperm. After the first jet he almost choked, but immediately withdrew and went on without removing my dick.

He raised his head I asked:

- Did you like it?

- Yeah, - I said.

Then I took him home and we agreed to meet again.

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