Insomnia notes

Saturday. Looking out of the window. Night. Boring as hell. I don't understand why we have to live by some rules?! Why can't girls be sexually active persons and not be called "whores"? Still I don’t care about stereotypes! At this warm and almost summer night I’m not going to stay in warm bed alone for sure! 

I call a friend, the second, the third one. They are sleeping sweetly. In addition, they differ from me very much. They have boyfriends and they believe in having love for life in spite of having sex 2 times a week with the lights off in the missionary position.

I'm an experimenter by nature and now I will go out and conduct an experiment. Sexual experiment. Fundamentally I’m not wearing underwear. It really spoils life!

02:12 AM. Going and catching a taxi. Going to one definite club - a well-known place of all those sex-hungry.

02:36 AM. Taking the "Sex on the beach". The cocktail is so-so, but the name is reassuring.

02:38 AM. On the horizon there’s a man. He is sitting in the farthest corner to the right. He is drinking alone. “Go for him! Move on!” - wow, that’s my inner voice crying alaud. 

02:39 AM. Changing location. One meter from him. 

Still he doesn't notice me. I’m reaching out a hand onto his strong knee. Interested he looks at me. My hand as if accidentally slips closer and closer to his crotch. I already undid his zipper... but he stops me. He takes my hand and says: "Good evening!" I’m smiling. He just takes my hand and walks me to behind some kind of a red curtain. I don’t resist. What's the point resisting? 

We are coming into the room completely upholstered with soft walls. I can't restrain. He is very good! Tall, blue-eyed brunette, 2 days bristle, strong hands. He comes up behind and kisses my neck. Very good! Feeling dizzy and I’m ready to burn, to flare up. I turn around, kiss him and instinctively go down to the open fly on his pants. The pants are falling down and I feel his cock had responded my passion. 

It's so beautiful! I’m teasing him! I’m kissing his cockhead very easily and very slowly running my tongue around. I know he wants to thrust it in my hot mouth very much. Kissing, kissing, kissing... and then sucking deeper and deeper. I see he likes it, because he’s moaning. Of course! I practiced a lot.

Again he says stop, but doesn’t cum though. He picks me up and puts like a doll on the table. He pulls my skirt and the blouse off. He licks the nipples and his hand is already there where my panties could be if I wore them. He rubs my clit. I'm ready to scream! “Come on!!!” – I’m gasping. 

I just wish he got in. A few seconds and he is in me! I can feel it. His nice and firm cock. He abruptly moves, but it's amazing. I want it never ending. He whispers something in my ear. He breath is so hot, I can't hear anything. My moan drowns each word. 

Can't help it. He is pacing up on and on. So deep and so nice. We are gasping together... I’m screaming. He covers my mouth with his palm. But it's not helping. I'm sobbing with pleasure! He pulls his cock out of me, it’s all covered with cum. 

He is smiling and looking gratefully at me and saying: "I'm Alex". I say: "I am Dasha". 

This is one of the most pleasant meetings in my life. Alex and I became special friends. The friends experiencing the joy of orgasm together. I never thought I’m capable of that, but now I know how unusual I am.

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