In the car

My name is Nastya, I'm 18 years old, I will tell you my story which has happened with me recently. 

It was Saturday and I wanted to have fun, but all my friends were busy that day. So I decided to go to a club alone, and besides, there always were some friends I could meet and I was sure I wouldn’t stay alone without a company. 

In general I'm a modest girl. I have a good figure, long dark hair, the tits of size 2, all the guys like me. I decided to put on tight black leggings, grey top and a jacket. 

I arrived at the club, met my friends and we went to the bar. After a couple of cocktails I wanted to dance and I went to the dance floor. 20 minutes later I got tired and went to my company, but I couldn't find them. I decided to go to the loo and make a phone call. It turned out that they had gone to another place. 

I was very disappointed and decided to go to the bar to drink another cocktail. There one adult man approached to me (later I found out he was 40 years old) and offered to buy me a drink. I agreed. His name was Andrew, he was athletic build, tall and he looked good for his age. He turned out to be a businessman and he said he liked me very much and wanted to get closer relations. 

Usually I don’t hobnob with such adults, but that time the alcohol made its effect, and I agreed to sit at his table. He ordered another cocktail for me and we started talking. An hour later I was drunk enough and decided to go home. He immediately offered to take me home by his car. My opinion about him was good and I agreed. 

He had not very big Jeep. On the way home for some reason I looked at his pants and realized that he was excited. He turned to me and saw me staring there and I immediately pretended I wasn’t watching. 

Closer to my house he suddenly turned into the dark alley and stopped. 

- Don’t you think something is missing to complete the night? - he asked and ran a hand between his legs. 

My heart immediately started beating madly. 

- What do you want? - I asked. 

- I propose you to do blowjob to me, - he said. 

I didn't expect that, though I was excited. I never thought of blowing a rich sugar daddy. And suddenly he said he could give me 5000rubles for it. I decided to do it quickly and go home. 

He took off his pants, his penis was already up. His cock was of average size but quite thick. I started to suck and I liked it. After 5 minutes he began pulling my head on his cock harder. I was almost choking but saying nothing. 

After a while the pace became faster and I was ready he would cum soon. I never swallowed, but said I should do it. He held my head and I felt the sperm hit the roof of my mouth, the taste appeared to be not so disgusting. He gave me money and I quickly went home.

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