Sex at the working place. I'm sure many girls have or have had sexual affairs at work, well, or something like office romance. And some were sexual harassed by their chiefs in indirect or direct form.

Something similar happens to me. The only difference is that I fuck with my boss not for love, but by mutual consent. He does it for emotional relaxation, I got laid with him for sport interest first and then it helped me in promotion, and my salary increased and became and more stable, although I’m not a ballast at work, I’m a very good expert and many questions can’t be solved without my assistance.

So, my boss is no longer a boy, he's 45, married, so I have some discrediting evidences against him... Sometimes, once or twice a week, he invites me to the office with important documents for private conversations. Such conversations usually end up having sex on the desk or in the meeting room.

Yesterday he invited me to his office. As I entered, he immediately locked the door. When I go to him after such invitation, I take off my panties in advance, he likes to lick me sometimes. So he began kissing me, I didn't mind. Then, as he likes, I sat down, pulled out his device...

I sucked it a little, it finally got up, and I began swallowing it down to the balls, his cock is thin and it’s no problem to shove it deeper. I was sucking for about 5 minutes, but he couldn’t cum. Whether his wife gives him, or he ate something. Then I sat down on the table, lifted up my skirt, spread the legs and he began licking my cunt and jerking off his cock. I got very excited with him trying so hard... 

Then my boss put me on all fours and began to fuck me with great speed. In short, some minutes later he cumshot on my legs. He cares about my safety and doesn’t cum in me. As they say, it’s just sex and nothing personal.

Today he again called for me. He began to do it oftener every week. I come in. He is sitting in the chair at the table and running a hand over his dick. He got up from the chair, hugged me and said he had got bored without my mouth, as if I was his personal whore, but apparently it was close to the truth. He put me on the table, got from front and fucked me in the mouth. So for this week it was the third time his cock had visited my mouth. Shit! It's not even sex, just my mouth to his disposal to fill it with his cum.

I told him before leaving that I work a lot and it would be nice to award me in the nearest future. And without saying a word he took out the money, counted 4 bills of 5000ruble and gave it to me. I was stunned. He used me as a prostitute. Fucked me and gave money.

His attitude, of course, just killed me, with such turn of events, the next day he would offer me to his colleagues.

No, I won’t yield to him anymore, and if he is getting bolder, I’ll say what kind of salary I want or I’ll go directly to his wife in the event of rejection.

Today I placed all dots above "i" in our relationship.

Although I thought it would happen much earlier, but he didn't want to call for me for a private conversation. I've been thinking over long how to present all that to get out of this sensitive situation with a minimum loss. I can't say I was worrying, still I had some concern. Job loss did not bother me, I have the invitations from other businesses, so the next day I could go to work to his competitors, but even so it would be a pity to lose all those years I had spent in this office with excellent relations in the team.

Well, the chief asked me to stay after the morning meeting. And as usually he locked the door. He drew me to him, but I pulled away and spat out what I thought about our private meetings. About that we had to stop, because I don't have any feelings to him and he never attracts me as a man. And the way he used my weaknesses has already crossed all the boundaries of decency and respect for me. I put the question bluntly - if he wanted me as an employee, then we need to stop all these privacy in his office and keep only a business relationship.

Of course he was very surprised, to say the least. He didn’t want to give up his all very profitable and convenient in all respects the erotic positions. However, his reaction surprised me greatly. Instead of pressure and threats to me, he got upset and began to talk about his attitude to me as to a woman, that perhaps he even felt something to me. And he did not want to lose me as an employee and as a lover at all. 

In general, the conversation was more like a showdown of two lovers... He was very sorry that last time it was so clear he was passing all bounds through, disregarded me as a woman and that our meetings became more like the sex with a prostitute.

This unpleasant conversation had lasted about an hour. And as a result, he agreed, though very reluctantly, to break our intimate relationship. The main outcome of our dialogue was the clear point I'm very valuable as an employee for him. And this break up won’t affect our business relationship by all means.

Well… we’ll live, we’ll see... But for some reason it seems to me, that’s not the end of our conversation...

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