Recently, this Saturday there happened that remarkable in all respects occasion.

My friend Marina and I had been in the restaurant, we drank a little recalling our university years, discussed all of our friends and just group mates... everything went as usual... We decided to go on the night at her home.

Her husband called and said he'd be back late, so we could freely get on the couch and go on talking and, accordingly, drinking Martini.

In the end, a few drinks later Marina told me about their intimate problems, and began to cry.... 

Unconsciously, I hugged her warmly and kissed her on the lips (Marina has never been inclined towards relations with girls, and she even scolded me for that rare addiction). But that moment Marina responded and we entwined in each other’s arms, I covered her whole head, the neck and the ears with kisses...

I took off her shirt, squeezed her small firm tits, covered her sharp swollen little nipples with kisses. My dress rode up on the hips, revealing my stockings and the panties.

Marina hesitantly touched my wet panties, looking into my eyes as if asking permission, pushed them slightly aside with my fingers and touched my clit slowly stroking me, one finger penetrated into my bosom....

Soon our clothes were scattered all around, and we happily kissed and fondled each other. Marina was on her back with the legs wide apart, and I eagerly kissed her beautiful petals and stroking her clit. 

Marina was so juicy there as well as I was. My fingers penetrated deep into the vagina of my girlfriend and with a free hand I fiercely stroked my burning hole, and Marina was wriggling with pleasure and moaning alaud. 

Then my girlfriend took out a dildo of a good size and began to caress me with her tongue and slowly pushing the dildo in me. My hands grabbed her head, running the fingers through her beautiful thick hair, which recently was beautifully laid, and now was messed up and hanging down over her beautiful face and the shoulders, concealing her lustful eyes...

It was exquisitely pleasant. Marina nicely surprised me with her passion and desire to go on and on... We enjoyed it and reveled in the tenderness and the beauty of the event. 

Marina was in the arms of a girl for the first time and everything was exciting and new for her. Her inexperience and a shiver of desire passed to me, and we couldn’t stop. So after that extraordinary pleasure we were lying and stroking each other, kissing gently.

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