Made up my mind

Hello. I want to tell you the story about my first time I made a blowjob. My name is Rita, I'm 18, I'm a brunette with a good figure. I’m popular enough among guys, but I was always interested in the men older than me and by that time I was still a virgin.

Quite recently I got the Internet connection in our house and I got fond of visiting porn sites. Most of all I liked the scenes with blowjob. After that I got a thought in my mind, it was vulgar and at the same time titillating me with the idea to make a blowjob to an adult man. This idea visited me very often, and I couldn't help it.

One day, I was at home and surfing through porn sites. I was so excited that I decided to realize my fantasy. I put on a short dress and went outside. It was unlikely any of my friends and acquaintances thought I was capable of such a thing. My hands were shaking and I thought to quit that idea and go home, but I kept going. While I was walking, I saw men watching me, but I myself didn't dare to approach them.

After passing by a few bus stops I stood on the road side and decided to hitch a decent car. I raised a hand in front of nice looking car but no success. I was wondering how it all would happen, and what if something would go wrong. Then a black land rover drove from behind the corner and stopped right beside me.

- I need to go ahead just a few stops, could you give me a lift?

- Get in, - He said

Behind the wheel there was a kind of bald-headed man, and judging by the ring on his finger he was married. My heart was beating at breakneck speed. Getting closer to the place of destination he asked me:

- Do you have money to pay?

- No.

- So what are we going to do?

- I don't know.

- So, you want to suck?

After those words I didn't know what to say.

- Well, if you are silent, then it’s easy to arrange.

He drove to a dark and secluded place and stopped. I was shaking with excitement and the fear of my chance to see a penis. 

I turned to him watching him opening his fly. At that point I almost choked with saliva. He started groping for my chest and his hand was drawing me to him, I bent down and took it in my mouth. His penis was so warm, of normal size and was as thick as a bratwurst. 

I was like a whore paying with blowjob for a ride, but I loved that so much. I was enjoying his cock as I wanted, and I liked very much that squelching sound I uttered. 

In 10 minutes he was breathing faster and strained. I realized he would cum soon. He took my head and began moving it quickly. At some point he held me tighter and I felt the jets of sperm hitting my mouth. Some flowed out of my mouth onto his stomach, but I managed to swallow the rest. The taste was a bit salty, I must say.

- Lick off what spilled out and you are free to go. 

I did that quickly and ran home.

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