How I fucked a guy

My name is Yury, I am 37 years old. I'm a married man, but sometimes I'm cheating on her. I usually get acquainted with someone via the Internet, but recently I got a new experience for me.

Don't know why, but I got to the section where one can meet the guys of non-traditional sexual orientation. I was looking through profiles and came across a profile of a young 20 year old guy who wanted to try sex with a grown man being himself in a passive role.

In my head there was a thought - why not trying to fuck the guy. He was not against a meeting, but he , though as well as I, never showed the picture of him and said he didn't want to risk also same as I. He asked me what size my cock was, what I loved in sex best, and so on, but he couldn’t get courage to meet. 

The next day he agreed to meet. I described myself and said I'd be waiting for him in a definite and determined. At the appointed time he hadn’t come and I was beginning to think he got scared and changed his mind, but as soon as I was going to leave, a guy came up to me and greeted. 

I imagined him exactly as he looked. He was dressed in a light shirt and shorts, he had a cute face and he was a little affected. When he was saying “Hello”, his voice was trembling and I could easily see he worried much.

I couldn’t go home with him, for the neighbors could see and guess the reason why I’m walking him to my flat. I explained where I lived and told him to come to me five minutes after.

And here he had come to my place, we sat down on the sofa and started talking. After some time I asked:

- Well, maybe, it’s high time to begin?

- Alright. – He said in a trembling voice.

I got up from the couch, walked over to him and took the cock out of my pants. He approached me slowly and awkwardly began to suck. After some time my cock was standing like a stake and the guy was doing blowjob rather confidently. 

I picked him up and started groping his little butt. He was shaking and breathing deeply. I told him to stand on his all fours. Pulling his pants off I thought it would be hard to get in him for the first time with my cock. And it turned out to have been as I thought.

First I thrust only one finger, the second could barely drive in and he was moaning. I took my cock in a hand and slowly tried to drive in, but I couldn’t. After the second attempt I decided to shove it in with force and didn't let him go, he even began to resist and even cried. Still, I was holding him tight and got in. Then I began increasing the pace. 

He was groaning loudly as a woman, and that turned me on. I lay on my back and told him to sit on top of me. I felt his tight and hot ass. After 5 minutes, I bent him in the doggy-style position and shot the load right in. Cum was flowing out and he was lying still and smiling…

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