My beloved bitch

Just from the shower. Delicate smell of the wheat-colored locks of hair, lustful gleaming in her eyes, young and tempting, his girl... White shirt slid off her shoulder revealing her perky nipples of her tempting breasts, stunningly beautiful just fitting his palms. Mmm... she can be so pliable, soft and shiny because of his kisses.

Goes to the couch, his cock already standing up like a stake, it’s easy to see even through the jeans. He wants to pounce on her, to drive in down to the balls, but he feels that it’s better to continue the game. His look is blurred. She came up to his naked torso, ran a hand from neck to groin, put her hot hand on his cock. His pants are going to burst.

She started kissing his neck, slightly plump pink lips. Every touch is bliss. He wants to feel them on his cockhead. His thoughts are – “Sweetheart, I want you to suck it”. Kissing the path on the belly to the pubis, stroking his cock through the pants, opening the fly, it breaks free. Handsome.

She takes it with her mouth, starts jerking off between her legs. Bitch... Stroking his hairy balls. Moves the foreskin with a hand and simultaneously pulls her mouth on it. Mmm... so nice... Loudly slips off, jerking his cock and again pulls her mouth on. From the base to the head... 

She is sucking, smacking the cockhead. Caressing the bridle with the tongue. Bliss. Body shivering. Sweat. The cockhead barely fits her mouth, he's going to cum. Ahhh, yeeeeeaaah! Cum shot right into her slutty mouth, again, again... such a salty taste, bitch swallows... his beloved girl... Now it's her turn!

He got up from the sofa, took his belt from the chair... Fear... It’s going to hurt.

- I have to punish you.

She turned up her amazing ass, round, taut... a stroke... she started... but there was no blow. He laughed.

- It will be very painful, be patient!

Blow. Hard, burning... again andagain...

- Ahhh! It hurts... no more, please...

Thirty hard strikes. Covered her ass with the hands. Sobbing. He turned her face to him.

- I told you – be patient!

Hit her hands. Moved them away. Another twenty blows. Her ass became red. Screaming with every blow!


Bent her down and drove in down to the balls. He banged her fiercely. His cock flew out of her pussy, then thrust in again. Her vagina is all wet. Bitch... she likes it all. Squelching, resonant blows of the pubis on her tormented ass. She is bending and doing upward movements. Bitch. Faster and faster on. Wild roaring... and her sweet crying. How pleasant it is to cum at the same time!

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