After continence

After I had been raped by the stranger who brought the envelope, two days more I was suffering and waiting Yuri to come back. This situation was turning me on, I really wanted sex, but unfortunately I had no one to have it with.

On the day Yuri was coming back I was totally ready. My ass was clean and lubricated, ready to let in anyone who wanted to knock on the backdoor.

So, here’s the doorbell. I open the door. Yes, that’s him. Hugging, kissing on the neck, rubbing me with his bulge on the pants. We are going to the bathroom, trying to have sex right there, but it’s very slippery and uncomfortable there. We take a shower quickly and move to the bedroom.

I barely had time to pose a doggy-style position, as his cock rushed in me. It’s good I prepared well, but it is not good that it’s so deep right away. Trying to move away a little bit, but no chance. Then I’m getting used to his cock and concentrate the attention on the sensations. 

My ass is being massaged by a good cock, the balls of my lover are slapping on me. I don't know why but the sound turns me on. The cock gets deeper, I’m slowly pulling on him. With one hand I’m caressing my dick. Oh, how good it is! I recall the stranger with the envelope, and get turned on even better. I'm feeling a wave of bliss over me, I don't hesitate to moan aloud. I’m losing control over myself, screaming, cumming, flying.

We are lying together on the bed and having rest. Apparently, my butt still has to work today. My boyfriend already wants a blowjob. Settling more comfortable, breathing on the cockhead, gradually immersing it in my mouth, taking out, immersing again. So, and here with the tongue from the bottom to the top. The cock is swelling up, increasing in size. I’m moving my head away a bit and admiring the work of my hands. Oh no, not the hands but the lips. A big shiny red head goes into a thick trunk. 

I’m trown on my back, I have reflexes like a cat, only a bit contrary. The legs are raised high and apart, the pelvis is up just a little to let that handsome in. Ooooh! Just super! I want even to roar. Yuri propped on his hands hanging over me. Slowly coming half out of me and then sharply driving his buddy in again. Such wild shocks were very nice to me. At every push inside something is touched in me, and it is very nice. And then it’s splashing out, filling me and comes over. Ohhh, that IS very nice.

That’s it, I am completely satisfied, I just want to take a shower and go to sleep. But I have only the shower. Two more times for that night my lips and the ass are to satisfy his lust. That's what a three-day continence leads to. I wonder what if I count that. Three days of continence – four times a night, but if there were seven days of continence – I would die with happiness, I guess.

In the morning Yuri told me he was going overseas for a month, and that apartment was not his. I didn't want to leave the sea, so I asked him to look for a hotel or a room somewhere. He said he'd meet one person I could live and spend time with.

The next day we were having rest at the seashore. Were going shopping. Yuri bought some clothes for me for my efforts and a player so I wasn’t bored. And when we were back home in the evening, he remembered that he had bought something for me from woman's clothes. It was a short flared skirt, the one schoolgirls usually wearing, little white socks and the same white blouse and a few new panties. Yuri liked my new image very much. First he soiled my blouse. I tried to swallow everything, but a few drops got on it. And then the turn of the skirt and panties came.

In the morning we packed up our belongings and Yuri took me to his friend. But that’s another story I’ll tell you later about.

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