New sensations

This story happened after I had graduated medical school. I got a job working in a clinic. After a few months I realized I had chosen the wrong profession as for the salary... I just had to find another job or a husband who would keep me.

But it's irrelevant to this story.

That day was as always. Only the manager had her birthday and she invited us to "drink tea" after the working hours. I was a little surprised to be invited for I had been working not a long time there.

The table was arranged with bottles and snacks. Toasts followed one another. The time was going by quickly, people were going home, some of them wanted to continue the tea party, but in a closer team. We gathered at the dentists’, there were eight of us left. There were drinks and some snacks. While some of us went out to smoke, I decided to slip away – my boyfriend and I were going to the cinema.

But I failed to leave quietly. In the corridor I was faced with the dentist Anton:

- Lena, you're leaving us?

- Yeah, I... Yeah. I...., - I tried to say something but nothing came to my head to answer.

- No need to get separated from the team, - and he unceremoniously put his arm around my waist and led me back.

“Looks like the movie is cancelled”, I thought.

Then the smokers came back and the banquet went on.

I was already quite tipsy. It was high time to leave.

I went to my office, but I was followed by Anton. He tried to persuade me to stay, while the rest didn’t care for my leaving.

I came into the office, he followed me.

- I have to change clothes, please, leave.

- Yes, yes. Of course, - and instead of leaving, he came closer to me from behind and hugged me.

- Don't...

He leaned over to me and began kissing my neck. The touch of his lips made my skin shiver cold...

- What are you doing?...

My skin felt his breath, I felt excitement. I was very pleased.

He continued to kiss me. He saw me not resisting, and he grew bolder. His hands crawled under my shirt and began going up to my chest. His breathing quickened a little, I could clearly feel it. His hands gently ran over my chest.

Goosebumps ran over my skin with his touches.

He pulled my bra along with a turtleneck up and began gently kneading my breasts slightly twisting the nipples.

I felt pleasant cold inside, and my bottom became treacherously wet. The head was spinning.

He pushed me down on the table, something fell to the floor, and he began kissing my chest. My head swam, I wanted him and I wanted him very much. He was in no hurry, he continued to caress my tits.

I was so excited that I couldn't restrain anymore.

- I want you...

He unbuttoned his jeans and began to remove them. I raised the ass for him to get more comfort. His jeans along with my tights and the panties flew down away.

Finally I felt his cock! I was already on the verge of bliss! I couldn’t hold it back long. Strong orgasm pulsed through me while he was fucking me.

My mind fell down somewhere into the abyss of pleasure. I saw everything like through the fog.

From somewhere far far away I heard him snorting, someone's voice in the hallway...

I don’t know how long it was going on, it seemed to me it took the whole eternity.

I haven’t had something like this with anyone before. It was such a pleasure...

When he had cum, I was still lying on the table. I just had no energy to get up...

Of course, I failed going to the cinema that night...

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