Night time

That night I stayed at my girlfriend’s. She lived with her brother. In the evening we had a talk, ordered food, drank, watched a movie and went to bed. 

At night I woke realizing someone had invaded me. I was lying on my stomach, the legs spread wide and my vagina was occupied by someone. At first I didn’t understand what was happening. But I realized that was the brother of my friend. First I wanted to push him away and give a slap on his face. 

But then I felt pleasure. I was afraid to move and spook him. He was slowly and quietly inserting his cock only half in. I wanted to tell him to fuck me properly, because he awoke an extreme desire. I wanted to pull on him even deeper. 

Then I stirred, he pulled out his cock, and I rolled over on my back and spread the legs wide. He began to caress my tits, and I got even more excited.

Then he plunged in me again. And more confidently he began pacing up. I barely restrained myself not to moan aloud. I was really pleased with it. He was no longer afraid for I was already awaken and he was just fucking me. 

Then he had cum and left. But I wanted more. So, after a while I came into his room. 

He was sleeping. I had no remorse to throw off the blanket, he was naked. I lay down beside him and began licking and sucking his cock. It was getting stiffened and I saw the guy opened his eyes. I sat on his cock with my back to him, then I fell down on his lrgs and began to rub against his cock. He slapped me on the ass. 

Then rising I whispered in his ear: "Take me." He put me on all my fours and began driving in my ass. He was pacing up little by little as I was pulling on deeper. 

Then he spanked me properly and nicely, then grabbed my buttocks hard and was now firmly inside of me. I was having great pleasure with that. He fucked me like a whore. Turning me over he threw my legs on his shoulders and got in my vagina. I moaned with pleasure while my hand was fingering the clitoris. He punched me on the arm.

He put me on the bed and came on my stomach. He spread my legs and began caressing my clit with his tongue, while his hands caressing the nipples. I thought I would faint with pleasure. I had cum very brightly. Then we both fell asleep.

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