Unknown guests

She looked out of the window and saw the headlights of a passing by car. It drove toward the vacant lot that was quietly located on the left bank of the Moscow river. Then near the bushes of the thick willow the car stopped, switched off the headlights and killed the engine. 

Sasha instantly threw on a jacket and ran to see where and why the car came here. The question occupied her thoughts: “What the hell did the driver need in the middle of nowhere in such nasty weather? 

While approaching the car the girl was very nervous and worried if they could see her. She got very close and saw some movements inside. 

Sasha crouched and began watching the scene. 

By the sweat glass and rhythmic rocking she guessed those two inside were doing nothing but love. “There are two of them, just as I thought”, Sasha said to herself when she heard a male voice, then a woman's sweet sighs of pleasure.

Listening to their voices, the girl felt irresistible desire overwhelming her. And she even thought, she did wrong when in a hurry buttoned up the bra on her back, it was awfully tight squeezing the young breast. 

The poor girl had her panties quite wet and unable to resist the temptation she ran her hand in there. She began passionately fondling herself pressing her chest to a lonely tree. 

Sasha didn’t think to fantasize about something, as she always used to on such occasions. Here she saw and heard quite enough. She went on caressing herself, and it seemed that the finish line was still far to reach. 

At this moment the window opened, and the girl's naked leg appeared from out there with panties carelessly hanging on the ankle. And finally Sasha achieved what she aspired to while caressing herself. 

Her body was seized with pleasure, her legs gave way, her heart was beating as frequently as it used to after her going jogging she did every morning in the park. She waited until her heart calmed down. She slowly stepped towards her house. 

It was late autumn, and the soaked panties immediately gave a sign and caused her horrible discomfort. 

Sasha ran home and did everything necessary for personal hygiene. She put dry underwear on and went to bed.

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