I met two old friends

My name is Lena. I'm a brunette 176cm tall, with a gorgeous ass as my boyfriend says. I want to tell you a story that happened to me in my second year of the University.

I live in St. Petersburg, I came here to study from Vologda. One day my two good old friends came to visit me. At the meeting we decided to drink a little wine. While chatting we didn't notice as we drank three bottles of Bozhele. We often went out to the balcony of my studio apartment to smoke, and I didn't even notice how one of the friends lay down on the bed. It turned out that he fell asleep. 

I just note that I was wearing beautiful black underwear and a short dress, and I really liked the gentle, but mischievous looks of the guys at my legs.

Well, my friend and I stayed together very tipsy. I noticed that he often looked at my legs. Being drunk I didn’t notice that my skirt had ridden up and he could see my panties. But for some reason I didn’t smoothed the dress and decided to try to go further and began slowly stroking my pussy. Oh, how quickly it became wet, and there it became clear to me that day there will be something happening.

I offered my friend to go into the bedroom to see how our sleeping friend was doing. I came in first and climbed on the bed and stood on my knees. I can imagine how sexy I was and I started trying to wake up our sleeping friend, but he was in a deep sleep. While I was pushing the sleeping one, I was approached by my second friend and his hand ran over my hips. Goose bumps ran down my spine, and I froze in anticipation of the continuation. 

He pulled up my dress and he had a fine view of my panties and the pussy that was already very wet. He noticed it and slapped me on the ass and said he didn’t think I am such a horny bitch. Without removing, he moved the panties aside and dug in my vulvar lips and began to kiss and lick my ass and the pussy. It was nice, but I wanted to feel it inside so much. By that time I had broken up with my boyfriend and hadn’t had sex for several months. 

He stroked and caressed me, then pulled out his dick and began to drive it over my pussy. He drove it in, but then suddenly pulled out without letting my pussy to completely clasp his cock. It drove me crazy, I almost cum because of this situation. Then he plunged in me and began to fuck rhythmically in time. I was moaning loudly, it was amazing.

I think many girls would agree they would like to try a threesome, besides, with the cock inside it was so hard to hold it back. Nearby there was a sleeping friend. I started to pull his jeans off, it was quite difficult, as the first guy was pacing up. 

Pulling the jeans and the briefs off the sleeping one I saw such a huge and nice instrument that without hesitation I took it in my mouth and began fiercely sucking. I was licking his balls, took it behind a cheek, and was being fucked from behind by my other friend. 

A dream had come true, it was excellent! The cock of the sleeping guy got up rather quickly and began throbbing with excitement. The one fucking me from behind pulled out his cock, approached me from front and began to jerk off before my face. I helped him, and picked up the cocks of both of them. Oh how nicely I was sucking. 

They both shot cum. It was great, but the next morning they left…

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