Hunting for mushrooms

I am 19 years old and I will tell you a story that happened to me last summer.

I passed the exams in the Institute and went to the village to my grandparents.

One day in the morning I decided to go to the forest to hunt for mushrooms and berries.

After two hours of wandering through the woods, I only have the bottom of the basket closed. Thinking about that today was not a good day for "quiet hunting", I was going to come back home. But then I saw a nice-looking old woman going towards me. I can't really determine the age just by looking at them, but it seemed to me she was about 60 (as it turned out, I was almost right – she was 61). But she looked very good and attractive. She was wearing tight pants, a jacket and knee-high boots.

Seeing me she smiled, I gave a smile back. I looked into her basket and got stunned. It was filled with mushrooms to the edges.

- Where did you get so much? - I asked.

- Well, there is a place not so far away, there are plenty of mushrooms... - replied the old lady. She looked into my basket and said,

- Yeah, not a lot! I can show you the place, but I just need a break to rest.

- It would be great! - I was delighted.

She had a backpack. She took it off, got a bottle of water and sat on her backpack.

I couldn't stand still because of mosquitoes (the ointment I used didn’t really help). She saw it and said:

- Take this one, it’s very helpful from mosquitoes and ticks as well!

- Thank you!

I smeared it over my open body parts.

- Oh, it’s so hot today in the woods! - said the old woman.

It was true. She took off her jacket and remained in shirt only. I saw her huge boobs, her multi-colored bra shone through her t-shirt and I could even see the nipples. She seemed to notice me looking at her breasts but didn’t show that. I turned around.

I was getting excited, my cock got up, it was good I was squatting.

And then she took off her t-shirt and said:

- Please, rub my back with the ointment!

I didn't know what to do. My cock was standing upright and wasn’t going to fall down! She passed the ointment to me, I got up. My cock made a big tent on the pants. She saw it and surprised she asked me:

- You have erection? Because of me?!

- Yes. – I wasn’t going to conceal.

I saw her eyes flashed and she said:

- So what are you waiting for?

She took her bra off! I saw her lush breasts with small protruding nipples.

We put our jackets on the ground and the old woman lay down. I took off her boots and the pants. She was wearing flesh-colored socks, but I didn’t took them off. I took off all my clothes and leaned over her. I squeezed her breast a little bit, ran my hand over her vulvar lips. Her pubis was not very hairy to my surprise. At that time she was caressing my cock and the testicles.

I slowly began plunging into her, she bit her lip. So I began cyclical movements "in there and back again". She closed her eyes and began moaning. Each her groan echoed through the forest as the squishing sounds!

Her feet were on my shoulders. In 10 minutes they twitched a little and I realized she had cum!

I pulled the cock out of her vagina and put it between her boobs, the old woman pressed them together with hands. I was sliding my cock between the boobs and in five minutes I had cum myself. Cum was on her chest and the face. We kissed. She wiped the cum off and we got dressed!

It was great, that was the best sex I had ever had. It was so new and so exotic.

Of course, mushrooms were already out of the question. We went out of the woods. As I learned her name was Galina. She was from a neighboring village. Galina almost imploringly asked me to visit her. I was ready to go to her every day. Well, we had sex at the barn, in the bathhouse and even in the garden! It was unforgettable!!!

Now I can’t wait for the next summer.

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