First cheating meeting

I've always been hypersexual, but could never step over moral principles to cheat on my husband, although I had not enough sex, just catastrophically not enough. Years go by, there will be nothing to remember when I’m old... 

So I decided to take this step. 

I didn’t want any romance, no love, just to get the dick of another male, preferably of a married one. No special demands except for one thing - the desire to use me.

I posted a profile on a dating website. Then I got a mail from a man without a photo and he offered to meet. I was intrigued. We met. 

He was my type. Well-built and married, which gives a special piquancy. After a few minutes of talking, we set up a meeting, as neither him, nor me had no place to meet, there remained an option somewhere outdoors, to find a secluded area in nature in the woods. 

And then came that day. I was trembling with excitement. He picked me up by car and we went to look for a place. We found it. There was the awkwardness of the first meeting, we should quickly overcome it and we began to undress, there was no way back left. He had a huge dick with purple head.

Having looked over each other, we rushed into the fight... He attacked me like a hungry male, banged me in different poses, occasionally having a rest with his cock in my mouth. 

It took about two hours. Whether because of the stress impact, whether because of the heat, but he couldn't cum. We were red and sticky with sweat. In the stuffy cabin it smelled like love juices and sweaty bodies. I wanted to stop it all, but I knew that if I opened my cunt before him so hospitably, I was obliged to go to the end and give him a chance to shoot his load.

And finally, having tortured me a little, he roared and came pushing his cum in my pussy. 

It was bliss. I was afraid to spill even a drop of that precious fluid he gave me. I wanted to taste his sperm in my mouth as well, but I'm not gonna lie, the first time that didn’t happen.

I licked his swollen cockhead over. We got dressed and parted. We were exhausted but happy with each other.

That day I did not wash myself wishing to keep the signs of our illicit love. This was our first meeting.

He’s been using me till now. He fucks me as he wants and as long as he wants. I can't refuse, although I understand that all I do is immoral.

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