Crazy story

Hello, my name is Alena, I want to tell you a real story which happened to me. It was spring, the weather was great and full of fresh air.

Leaving the house I immediately went to the opposite direction, stopped in one of the courtyards and sat down on a bench near the house entrance. I was wearing tight dark jeans, a sweater, a jacket and sneakers. I was sitting and thinking about different things and suddenly I noticed a figure in the window on the gound floor. It was a man of about 35 years old and completely naked. By that time I was a virgin and never had seen a naked man before.

The curtain wasn’t drawn completely and the man probably thought that no one could see him. It was obvious that he had just woken up. But I looked mainly at his dick, because I saw it in porn movies only.

This picture certainly turned me on very much. Soon he disappeared from view and in 10 minutes he appeared again, but now in the next window, there was the kitchen. He was still naked, I was sitting and for some reason shaking. His cock mesmerized me, it seemed delicious, and the man was well-built for his age.

In the university I was popular among guys but I was hesitant to try having sex, and I didn’t like anyone particularly. Still at that moment my head was full of vulgar thoughts. When he turned facing the window, I immediately turned away and began doing something with my phone, pretending that nothing was happening. I didn't know if he noticed me or not.

I turned back and saw him looking at me. I again pretended that all was well. Then he quietly knocked on the window, I turned around and he beckoned me with a gesture. I kept on sitting and pretended I had nothing to do with him. I heard the window opened and looked at him. He said:

- Stop getting cold, if you want I can offer a cup of hot tea.

After a minute of hesitation I thought what would be – would be, took my purse and went quickly to the entrance. He opened the door, he was still naked, but I didn't ask why he looked like that. I took off my jacket and went to the kitchen. He followed me, shut the curtains and began brewing tea.

- Don’t you mind me naked? - he asked.

I incoherently said something I don't even remember what, just looking closer at his cock. He gave me the cup of tea and sat down opposite with his legs set wide. It was not convenient to look down, but sometimes my eyes were directed right there. I saw his cock was increasing in size. I went to the bathroom, locked the door and began thinking what to do next. When I was back, he was standing at the table and holding the cup with tea. I stood beside and silently kneeling down I was trying to take his cock in my mouth.

- I immediately realized that's what you wanted, - he said.

I didn’t answer and continued doing blowjob I had always dreamed of. No one would know of that anyway. The cock seemed to me so tasty that I could not tear myself away. After about 5 minutes he pulled it out and began jerking off, and I was waiting for the cumshot. He held my head and was cumming in my mouth. The viscous liquid was a bit salty and quite pleasant.

- I am so lucky. You're just super! Never had it with such a young pretty girl, - he said.

- Thanks, but I am very ashamed, this is the first time for me, - I said.

- The most important is that you liked it.

I relaxed and we continued to talk. He got dressed and said,

- If you want, let’s go shopping, I want to thank you and buy something for you.

I was surprised but agreed.

We went to the clothing store. "What a day!" I thought and didn't regret it. We have bought a few things and I asked to take me home. He asked me to please him again, I agreed.

We drove off to a deserted place and stopped. I threw the new clothes on the back seat and watched him taking off his pants. Looking around again I got down to blowjob, but this time he took the initiative in his hands and set the pace. I liked that little roughness. In 10 minutes he came and we went on riding.

Since that time we have been dating regularly.

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