...She descended from out of nowhere... At the very moment when I needed her most of all... Thin... Burnt... Sensual... My savior...

Her body was a revelation to me. Perhaps I shouldn't have rushed at her with the fury of a falcon feeling his prey. Her huge eyes inspired with my onslaught, surprised and skeptical stared at me, wet, miserable and stepping out of the rain right to her.

I thought she was an alien. Not like any human female I ever had before. Slender, dark-eyed, with dark brown hair and a stern face she won me over with only one picture. And I wanted her.

...We had a lot in common. Same pain. Same loss. Same desire to live. Among all those ragtags we became something more to each other. We never talked about the past. We had only "here" and "now". We were in a hurry. We hurried to give each other the most precious we had been accumulating for long lonely nights.

That happened unexpectedly. And it took off like a snowball. It doesn't matter who was the initiator. We eagerly stripped each other, attempting immediately to penetrate into the depth, into the essence. Nothing secret, only shamelessness and open lust. And the intoxicating desire to become the closest and most desirable creature in the world for a moment, at least.

I wasn’t ceremonious. Even though she positioned herself as a boy, I roughly pushed her down on the hard floor. I wanted to possess her. I wanted to see a horny female in her. And she became such under the pressure of my lips. I created miracle, I made magic. I created the mystery of transformation. I was just stronger.

Hard. Powerfully. Strong. Quickly. My fingers penetrated into the very epicenter. My lips found her mouth. My free hand skillfully and brazenly freed her from the clothes. Dumbfounded she suddenly forgot herself and moaned. And that was the signal.

She will be mine.

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