At night in the office

Evening. Twilight. Half-empty office.

I come to your office. I’m wearing a skirt with the side cut, a light blouse with undone buttons. We barely know each other, just crossed a couple of times in the hallway. I come closer to you. You look at me right into my eyes.

Not saying a word I throw you on the couch and kiss you on the lips. My hands unbutton your shirt and go down below. I fondled with the belt and then undo your pants. You're tense and a little confused.

I took out your cock and a few seconds I’m just admiring it, it's beautiful, I'm running my tongue over the cockhead. It winces, you close your eyes and your hand is smoothing my hair. You want me to go on.

Again I touch it with my lips, taking the cockhead in my mouth and suck it a little. You moan with pleasure. I'm going further, taking hold of it, and kissing it from the head to the balls, kissing it and sucking in my mouth.

You lift me up, unzip the skirt, it falls down to my feet. You're a little surprised I have no panties, only stockings are on. You stick your hand between my legs and feel how wet and hot I am there.

You put me on the table. Your tongue is running over my breasts. With gentle moan I confirm that you're on the right path. You suck the nipple into your mouth. It swells up and becomes taut like a cherry. Your tongue slides lower, stops close to the bellybutton, and I keep caressing my chest.

I lift up my ass. You are showering my belly with kisses and going further on down. You spread my legs wide, spread my vulvar lips and ran your tongue over. You take my clit in your mouth and begin sucking it softly and your finger enters my pussy and begins circling in it.

I’m breathing heavily. You take hold of your cock and trail it over my lips, then sliding gently and slowly, it’s sinking into me. You are moving slowly and gently, but there’s no more such power to stop my movements towards you.

You are driving in me hard and as deep as possible. Our movements are becoming faster and faster on. I caress my chest and here the wave of pleasure covers me over.

After I came to senses, I realize you haven’t cum yet.

You pull your cock out of me and get closer to my face. I clasp it with my lips and start sucking, stimulating it with a hand.

Your fingers caress my clit. And here after a few deep movements your juice is watering my mouth.

It’s delicious. I’m licking the droplets off my lips…

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