Back from business trip

I decided to make a surprise to my wife and returned from the business trip a day earlier. I drove the car in the garage and went upstairs to the house. Even driving up I realized by light flashing in the living-room that she was watching TV.

Climbing upstairs I tried not to be noisy. As soon as I heard the sound of TV, I realized that my baby was watching a porn movie. I was very intrigued.

I looked up and saw her lying on the couch. On the screen there a man was raping a beautiful blonde and my baby who usually used to say she "doesn’t tolerate rudeness", was caressing pleasuring herself under the panties and it was obvious she liked it.

At the same moment my head gave birth to a plan. I went down to the basement. Found there black gloves and a jacket, put on a black balaclava, walked upstairs to the electric switchboard and cut off the electricity.

The house was seized with silence and darkness.

I quickly slipped into the room adjacent to the living room and hid there. In the dark the door opened and she walked out of the living room. I could see her because she was wearing a white t-shirt. She was almost touching me, but didn't notice anything. I guessed she was trying to get to the kitchen to take a flashlight.

I took a few steps behind her and she heard rustling, turned around and asked aloud:

- Who is here? - her voice was trembling and I could feel her being scared.

A few moments we stood still. I was silent, but she saw my black silhouette, cried out, jumped aside and tried to run away. But in one leap I caught up with her and grabbed her hair and twisted her arm a little from behind. She screamed:

- What are you doing! Let me go!

The next moment I shut her mouth with my palm and croaked:

- Shut up, bitch!

She was trying to struggle, but I twisted her arm harder and said:

- You jerk, I strangle you! Got it?

She became quiet and just nodded.

As soon as she stopped jerking I was surprised of how it excited me. My cock stood straight up against her back. I felt she was trembling and it excited me better on.

- You're sweet, - I gasped and ran a hand under the shirt and began kneading her breasts.

Again she tried to jerk, but I hugged her tight and said:

- Don’t move, or it’ll be worse! Is that clear?

She nodded.

I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I dragged her into the living room, bent her over the back of the couch and pulled off her panties.

- Shut up and be still! Got it?

She nodded again.

I slowly undid and pulled down my pants, took hold of her ass and thrust my dick into her.

Such a sharp entry made her cave in and I began fucking her juicy inside deeper and deeper on, feeling her getting hot and cumming over and over again...

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