I wanted to be fucked in the forest

The weather was beautiful. I put on a very titillating outfit: a bra, panties, a thin blouse, short skirt, white stockings with a belt, shoes and makeup. I took my purse having put in there a lubricant in advance.

While I walked through another alley, you drove up to me and told me to have a ride. I agreed and got in the car.

You took me to the forest, so no one could bother us. On the way there I rode up my skirt, pushed the narrow strip of the panties aside and began caressing my pussy and watching your pants getting bulged. My hand unbuttoned your pants and pulled out your nice and big cock. I soaked my fingers in my pussy and started caressing the cockhead.

When we got closer to the woods, I bent down and licked the cockhead over and then closed my lips on it around. I only managed to lick it a couple of times as the car stopped, and you told me to go out.

You put me with my belly on the hood, ripped off my favorite panties, without any more foreplay drove in my juicy pussy and began fucking me slowly.

While fucking my pussy you pulled out your dick for a moment, shoved the fingers in there and then again inserted the dick back in. Your fingers began preparing my ass.

When my ass let three fingers in, you pulled the cock out of the pussy and put it against my tiny ringlet. The cock was all wet with my secretions and therefore effortlessly got in my ass. It was so tight there, so you even began breathing heavier!

In a few movements you had cum. I felt it for pleasant warmth was spreading over from my inside!

You kept your cock in the ass for a while and went on moving it there, it was slippery and good there, so it was no miracle it wasn’t going to fall down!

After a couple of minutes is such a nice fucking in the ass, I came as well. Now all my pussy juice and your cum were dripping down on the hood.

Having recovered from the orgasm I’m kneeling down and taking your cock in my mouth. I swallow it completely a few times, caress the testicles with my tongue and suck the head.

My fingers move to your ass and begin caress your hole. I lubed them with your cum in my ass, so one of the fingers broke through the barrier very quickly, penetrated in and groping your prostate began to stimulate it.

You grabbed my head with your hands and began furiously fucking my mouth.

Such action couldn’t last long. You pulled the cock out of my mouth and came right on my face. After that you let me lick your cock over, and then running the cock over my face you were collecting the sperm and sending it in my mouth…

Sure… Sex in nature is the best…

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