Accidental cheating

Hi. I want to tell a story about my first cheating. It happened to me last summer. I was 19 and my boyfriend had a birthday I was already late to. All of the company gathered together sitting at the table and drinking, but I was just leaving home.

I was late because I was trying to choose a proper outfit, and since I was to be "the first lady" that day, I had to comply with it, especially as I was to stay at his place for the night. My underwear consisted of just a thong, but very sexy, I specifically bought for this occasion. It was completely transparent and white. Well, that day I also decided to put on my best dress.

When I ran outside, I decided to hitch a ride. Very quickly some guys stopped, I jumped in the car and named the address and didn't even paid attention that the car had only two doors.

When we arrived at the place, I gave them the money, but they told me "Hussars do not take money". I understood everything and worried I began shaking. The guys gave me a chance to choose either sex or they would take me out of town and leave at the suburb.

I got very scared and began begging them to let me go, and only when I told them I had come to my boyfriend to his birthday, they offered to give them a blowjob. I decided that it was still better and immediately agreed. But I asked them to drive away from the house because they stopped right in front of the entrance, and the car was well viewed.

First I sucked one. When he had cum, I was not even given a break, the second guy took my head and pulled it on his cock. And the first guy climbed on the back seat and rode up my dress.

I started fidgeting, but the one I was blowing said to me: "We promised no fucking, so don't worry, we’ll just touch you a little bit."

He took off my panties and started touching my pussy. I was getting excited. Then he was thrusting fingers into my pussy, and he was wiggling them so that I was ready to forget our deal. Even he noticed that and told his friend: "Looks like that bitch is ready, she is pulling on my fingers herself".

But the guys kept his promise, and I wasn’t raped. However they didn’t give my panties back to me. Now I couldn't wait for the party be over and staying tet-a-tet with my boyfriend.

When I got to the place, everyone was already drunk. My boyfriend was drunk either. So I was lucky and he felt neither the smell of cum, nor my excitement. But my girlfriend immediately realized something had happened and I told her everything.

The whole evening she used every chance to touch my pussy and ask: "Aren’t you ready to get laid with anyone?", because my boyfriend could barely stand on his feet.

Then everybody left the party, my drunk boyfriend fell asleep.

As for me, I couldn’t sleep at all and I had spent half the night up listening to my girlfriend fuckiing with her boyfriend.

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