New fantasies

Three of us are sitting on the floor and drinking champagne, while his girlfriend in the kitchen is preparing snacks for us. You are gradually getting aroused, the nipples of your breasts are swelling up and sticking out invitingly through your thin and tight t-shirt. Sometimes you involuntarily spread your legs, as if trying to get settled more comfortably, and he sees your panties barely covering the entrance to the treasured and damp hole.

The cock in his pants is swelling up with power. He shamefully covers himself, but he is not very good at that.

I leave you alone and go to help his girlfriend. That’s what you're just waiting for and immediately pouncing at him. Your hands are brazenly breaking into his trousers and begin massaging his huge cock. You are passionately kissing each other. His fingers have long been working in your pussy, causing you indescribable pleasure.

You are pulling out his cock, intending to try its taste, but suddenly you hear me with his girlfriend coming back and you immediately sit down back in your place, and he is hastily tucking his cock back in and you keep talking as if nothing had happened, but your condition was difficult to hide. I, seeing you, come closer and unceremoniously put my dick in your mouth. Your panties are soaked wet and you decide to remove them.

You are turning to him with your ass and slowly taking them off, teasing with the view of your wet pussy. You can't forget his cock with a large brawn head, veiny skin, you are offended it was so close to your lips, I disturbed you to have time to touch it with your tongue. The lips of your pussy are calling him and he begins licking them, and you go on sucking my cock.

Then you turn to him and see his cock grew even bigger. You reach out for him and your hand grabs it and starts jerking it off, admiring how his head is hiding and appearing from the folds of the foreskin. And here you finally bring your tongue to its head. It shivers with your touch. You caress it all over with the tongue, exploring every fold, while your hand is caressing his testicles.

You imagine how it will get into your hole, but you are not in a hurry. First you want to explore it all. You become very horny longing for wild sex. You can feel the juice from your pussy is already running over your legs.

You are lying down on your back and drawing him closer. The head of his cock touches your clit, sliding to the entrance of the hole and back. So he runs his cock over a few times, bringing you indescribable pleasure.

Then he is slowly plunging his cock into your pussy. You close your eyes with pleasure and feel his cock plunging millimeter by millimeter into you. Its huge head stretches your pussy.

It hurts a little, but brings more pleasure. You are giving in to his caresses. Your pussy is tight, embracing his cock with every fold. His tongue is getting in your mouth and you are sucking it. He slowly moves in your pussy either almost out, or then entirely in.

Your pussy is adapting to his size and he begins smoothly pacing up and in the end he's fucking you fiercely, literally pinning to the bed. You are convulsing in a mad ecstasy and don't want it stopped.

You feel the approach of orgasm, put your legs around his torso and press him firmly to you. You feel his body getting tense and the cock is throbbing deep inside you, shooting the streams of hot sperm right into the womb. You don't want to let him out, you want it filled your pussy with his juice completely.

You keep lying in that position for about 10 minutes, shaking with orgasm and then his soften penis is getting out of you and sperm is leaking out following it, you are catching these drops and licking your fingers. You take his wet with semen and your juice cock in your mouth and begin furiously sucking it.

He is cumming the second time and his cum is pouring into your mouth and you are happy to drink every last drop of his sperm.

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