Curious event

The story is based on true events.

In June we sent our son to the recreation camp. We visited him once there and after the camp shift was over we decided to take him home ourselves.

We started early in the morning and decided to stop at the river to swim – it was a long time we hadn’t been out of the city. Before going to the camp my husband turned off the road and along a country road we reached almost to the river. We left the car 50 meters away from the river and followed the path to find a place for swimming.

Everywhere there were just reeds, bushes and fallen trees but soon we found a proper and cozy place. Naked husband got into the water, and I began to change my swimsuit. Then I hear somewhere in the distance some voices, but I thought there was nothing to worry about. We had swum enough, the water was warm like fresh milk.

Then the husband says: “Tanya, let’s remember the youth and having sex in nature. I resisted a little and began getting undressed. I spread a towel and lay on my back down. We tried the classics – t’was hard, on the sides – hard as well, then I stood on my all fours and my husband began action slapping my ass. The sounds of slapping were heard throughout the neighborhood.

When it was time to cum, he says: “take it in your mouth”. I stood on my knees and he grabbed the back of my head as always and began pecking my mouth. With peripheral vision I saw some movements in the bushes. I wanted to tell him about that, but no chance, my mouth was busy.

So when he gave me a portion of sperm in the mouth, I saw two figures of teenagers watching us from the bushes, which were 10-12 meters away from the clearing, and making pictures of us on the phone camera.

At first I didn’t know what to do. Here is nusband’s cock in my mouth - there are young photographers. I wanted to shout, but my husband was firmly holding the back of my neck letting out another portion of sperm. I pushed him away and with the mouth full of semen I cry out: "There! There! Look!" He just won't understand what's going on. "There!" I say, "Boys are shooting us!". He is standing still and stunned, he just can’t get what is going on.

He got it only when the bushes rattled as if a herd of wild boars were getting through them. So what’s next? My fatso jumped to the bushes and began shouting: "Fucking freaks! I’ll catch you! I’ll bury you, bastards, six feet under!" and everything like that.

The scene was fascinating and funny if looking from aside: naked adult man is running around and screaming something out not clear to whom and why. I rinsed my mouth with mineral water from the sperm and got dressed, while he was running and yelling. Then from the other side two men of about 40 years old came out and said: "Stop yelling, dude, take your sucker girl and get away from here, you’ve scared all the fish away".

My husband tried to speak out something and I heard a lot of interesting words about myself: sucker girl and cocksucker were the softest ones of them.

We got dressed and went to the car and then I burst out laughing so laud that my husband also laughed. We took our son from the camp and passing by this place on the way back I again began giggling.

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