Me and my passionate lover

I come to him every weekend. Next to my beloved man I forget about all the problems and concerns. He rented an apartment in the downtown with great views of skyscrapers, a river and a bridge. In the evening we often stand at the window embracing each other, and my lover expertly caresses me, kissing the neck, running hands through my hair, looking straight into my eyes.

This Sunday was another day of our date. I had the keys and I arrived at the apartment before him. My man, let's call him Sergey, always came home late. He loves to come home when I’m already "hot": when he comes, I’m already lying completely naked in our bed.

Not to get bored, I always imagine his cock, which is always restless as usual. Sometimes I even think that Sergey’s cock lives his own life. I often noticed that my lover is already exhausted, but his tool is hard and strong as if made of steel and concrete not even going to have some rest – always stiffened and veiny.

When Sergey entered the apartment, I was already waiting for him in the bed and eating fresh strawberries. He silently entered the room, quickly unzipped his pants and pounced on me like a predator on his prey. He kissed my lips running the tongue deep in my mouth and driving in there around. The feeling was as if he was fucking me with his tongue. I couldn’t even resist, but honestly I didn’t want to.

Sergey loves playing with my nipples, and this time he decided to pour on my chest a little of red wine and lick it off with his tongue. It was a little cool, but at the same time very hot. He slid lower, touched the inner side of my burning thighs, and kissing my belly went lower on. He kissed my pubis, the thighs, lower part of the belly, but didn’t hurry to move to the most sensitive part.

I wanted so badly Sergey finally to thrust his tongue into my pussy that I just grabbed his head and turned it to the epicenter of my pleasure volcano. He licked my clit very slowly, gently and rhythmically, so I was almost choking with pleasure. Kissing my swollen bud, my passionate lover thrust two fingers inside and started fucking me with them while I was assisted him swaying the hips in time with the movements of his fingers.

Not to be selfish, I also wanted to please him. I turned Sergey on his back and grabbed his cock with my palm. Squeezed it a little and looked into the eyes of my man, who was full of desire.

I licked his swollen cockhead. I ran my tongue over to the balls and then back up again. His trunk was so strong that it seemed to me going to explode. I couldn’t restrain and sat on top holding him with my hands, as if gently raping my hero. I was long fucking him until Sergey poured the streams of love juice in me.

Exhausted, we were lying in each other's arms and talking about everything. I thought how lucky I was to meet my passionate and insatiable lover on ****.ru website. This website has collected a huge number of entirely healthy people with the aim to unite their lonely hearts with the same people who are looking for a reliable partner to build relationship.

It was here where I found Sergey – the man who became the ideal for me in bed, a real Prince in relationship and a friend for life. He can skillfully combine the thoughtfulness, passion and problem solving, giving the impression of perfect man, although he has, as many others, his own draw-backs. But in the moments we are together on the wide bed in our apartment, I forget about all that.

How can you think about someone else when you feel a powerful cock in your vagina, that as if piercing it all through? How can I pay attention to the flaws, when Sergey cleverly disguises them with his advantages in bed and either brings me to frantic orgasms, or becomes utterly delicate, giving me pleasure even without orgasms?

Lost in my thoughts I didn't notice my man stroking my body, hinting at the continuation of our stormy night. And I responded, because I like yielding to Sergey, for I know our sex is the safest, the most passionate and unique every time we have it.

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