Deflowering a girl

We met each other via ICQ - she found me searching on her own, and we had chatted for 2 months before deciding to meet. In the correspondence I learned that her name was Xenia, she was 18 and she was a virgin and really wanted to try having sex with an experienced guy so he could teach her everything.

She had men in her life, but she didn't allow them to enter her, she allowed only to caress her cleavage... And she didn’t caress them back - I was very surprised at that, for if I were on the place of her boyfriends I would have also asked to give pleasure to me as well.

I came to my hometown from the university and immediately informed her about this and that I really wanted to see her. Xenia arrived the next morning, I had no one home. Before the date I went to the store and bought red wine for I was very nervous, even shaking a little, but that was okey. I kissed her on the cheek, took hold of her hand and led her in.

We drank a few glasses of wine, and I began to undress and kiss her, she didn’t resist – everything had been played virtually.

She was of medium height with graceful tits and quite a bulky booty (which is not a disadvantage for girls) and tiny white panties – she made rather great sexy impression on me.

Having torn finally her panties off, I was caressing her lying on the bed, giving caresses not only the clitoris but also the thighs and the chest. Her nipples tensed gracefully and so did my cock. She was moaning nicely and languidly. Finally, I fell on her and wanted to plunge in her, but she cried out with fear and jumped away.

I began whispering sweet words in her ear and calming her down until she relaxed again and lay down in the same position. Taking into account the previous try, I held her tightly and abruptly drove in. She squeaked but didn't resist and I began moving despite her tight slit. She even moaned a little bit more - it was obvious she was pleased.

In the end, Xenia looked at me like a student at the teacher. Like an inexperienced girl at the wordly-wise man and admitted that she was more scared than hurt and in the end she even liked it.

In the correspondence she wrote that wanted to learn doing a blowjob and she wanted to do it up to the end, to swallow sperm and this first time I wanted her to try it on me. I asked her about it, lay before her and she, sitting on the bed beside me, leaned over and began sucking awkwardly.

It was certainly nice, but the lack of experience made its effect and I had to help her a little bit with a hand, still I came in her mouth. But because of the sudden she didn’t swallow, at least she tried...

That’s how I deflowered that girl.

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