Blowjob in the car

One morning I was going to work. I kissed my wife who was finishing some report, left the house, got in the car and suddenly my phone rang. It was a girl from the service station to remind I had been recorded for another car service. I said I would come soon, and without wasting time, I rushed over there. It was close, just about half a kilometer.

I left the car there and decided to walk home and stay there for a couple of hours waiting.

Turning around the corner of the house on the way to the entrance, I saw my wife with a folder in her hands rushing out of the door and running to a car that had stopped nearby.

I wanted to call her but decided that she would just give that folder and go back home, and I would make a surprise for her in the form of a cup of coffee we never managed to drink together in the morning.

I came back home, pressed the button of the electric kettle and looked out the window to see where my beloved was.

But my beloved wife for some reason got in the car, which slowly parked in the quiet corner beside the house. Then the front door opened and my wife and a young man came out and got in the back seat of the car.

I suddenly realized what would happen next but I froze near the window and couldn't make a single move. The window glass of the car was well tinted, but through the windshield and due to the white hair of my wife between the front seats I could clearly see her intensely moving her head up and down.

My mental torpor vanished and I barely rushed to the door thinking to kill them both, I clearly saw a picture of her sucking his cock and while I was lacing up the boots I noticed I got a boner in my pants. It completely freaked me out... my heart was literally popping out of my chest, the dick was up, and I didn't know what to do at all.

In the hallway I found opera glasses and went back to the window to get a better view.

My wife kept on rocking her head, his hand fiddling with her breast and slid several times over her cunt.

Another minute passed and he thrust a hand in her hair on the nape and strongly pushed her head down twice. After that my wife’s head froze in the lower position, and I imagined him filling my wife’s mouth with his sperm.

Another half a minute and she jumped out of the car, hurrying back to the house.

On the threshold she was genuinely surprised I was home, hugged me and was going to kiss me.

The corners of her lips were shiny and smelled of semen and urine. She captured my lower lip with hers and we kissed passionately. The smell and the sweet-bitter taste of sperm which was passed to me with her kiss excited me extremely. I put her down on her knees and, taking her head, I shoved my cock in her mouth and after four pushes I shot the heavy load in it...

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