Summer day, hot and horny

When my wife and I went down to the subway, we finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The cool air of the subway was giving at least some hope for salvation from the mad heat outside.

In the subway car we found a place to sit down, giving our tired feet the opportunity to relax.

Marina leaned back on the seat and then clung to me, whispering nice words in my ear.

Opposite us there a young pretty girl was sitting. But I noticed her beautiful blue eyes were with interest watching Marina and me.

Our eyes met. The girl gently smiled and somehow shyly lowered her eyes, still she went on persistently watching us.

For a long time I couldn’t understand what was wrong. I even felt a little uncomfortable. Maybe something was wrong with me or Marina, I mean appearance.

But soon I realized everything.

Because of that unbearable heat today Marina decided to put on a short skirt instead of pants. Having completely forgotten about that fact, she was sitting in the cool subway car, relaxed and with her legs slightly apart.

But going out of the house today, Marina did not wear her panties.

I was excited, imagining the picture, which opened before this girl: slender legs of my wife, a little chubby thighs were barely covered with a short skirt... And a little trimmed pubic hair above plumpy vulvar lips.

I look at my wife and realized that minx was well aware of everything and intentionally keeping on that indecent posture to leave her charms well viewed.

I looked at the girl and understood she was on the verge.

I moved my lips as if kissing her. She gave me a forced smile back.

When we reached our station, I could barely stand up from my seat.

I was sure the girl in front of us most likely had missed her stop...

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