Blowjob without wasting words

I love doing Blowjob. And my husband appreciates it in me.

I love fucking freely like a badass. I like to knock down my husband right after his work when he is still dressed, when he’s talking to his boss on the phone, when he’s working on the computer.

But this night everything seemed so ordinary and simple.

We had a big quarrel the day before, squabbling a long time, then we made it up more or less and went to bed. But when he hugged me from behind, I realized that I just wouldn’t be able to sleep, and turning to him, I clung to him with my whole naked body and kissed him.

My hand slid down to his sleeping "buddy" and he responded in a moment. We were lying on our sides and I went down to the sweet and tasty cock of my husband.

My beloved stroked my hair and moaned sweetly when I started licking his treasure. Then I took the cock in my mouth and slowly began to suck, caressing him with my tongue. My darling quietly moaned and even closed his eyes with pleasure.

I began to enjoy and sucked faster and deeper on. I wanted to swallow it down as deep as possible.

With one hand I caressed his taut buttocks, and with the second I was stroking his testicles and the penis.

I enjoyed that as a man enjoys the water while being thirsty for a long time. I couldn't get enough of the sweet curves of his firm and huge trunk. Sometimes I stopped to suck his balls and caressing his cock with a hand and driving it over your face.

Deeper, deeper, deeper on and my beloved could not hold it back any longer and flooded my mouth with sweet cum. Still I couldn't stop, I wanted to suck on and on to evoke this sweet blast again.

I was all wet down there, and my darling with languid voice warned me that he wouldn’t cum again. But I was only excited with that, and I lowered a hand to my burning clit.

The cock wouldn’t fall down at all, my skilled lips did their work and my husband, watching me masturbating, took hold of my hair and began driving his treasure deeper in me.

He fucked my mouth so that I almost couldn't breathe. He drove it down the throat, still holding my hair, and I was already very close to the top of pleasure.

And there my gentle fingers sensed strong pulsation in the perineum, I wanted to keep the dick still deep inside, but my beloved fucked me on despite my attempts to freeze.

And here, here, here...

For a moment I thought I was crucified. My body was arched almost like a bridge, so I froze that position.

I don’t know how long I kept lying that way. When I came to senses and was able to move, I felt terribly good, and my darling was stroking my body and kissing my breasts.

We experienced the sweetest orgasm that night.

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