Psychology of submission

It’s not too comfortable to stand on the knees in a strange room and to be blindfolded, but you know the reward will come soon. You feel uncomfortable, you think about what he thinks about you since you decided to do that. What if he tells his friends about it and they will say that to someone else...

So scrolling through different scenarios makes your heart beat faster, you're waiting for him, because it means your loneliness and anxiety are over. Because of this anxious expectation the man who is to blame for your suffering becomes a liberator, who is to come and put an end to your loneliness and anxiety.

You think it’s not fair that he is somewhere out there doing his business. The fact that he will come and take you seems outrageous and you don't know what guided you to decide to do that. And only the consciousness that rises from your depths and unsteady excitement says that you're on the right path.

It is perceived with some surprise. You begin asking yourself the questions about whether it is normal or not. You want to know how many girls allow others to do that to themselves...

But after a while your body gets tired more and more, your expectations become stronger. The lack of light and sound make you wish someone touched and spoke to you as soon as possible. You are ready to do whatever he wants.

His steps are somewhere nearby, you're awfully glad to see him, or of the fact that your agonizing waiting is over, now you cannot understand. He touches your cheek, lifts up the chin as if he wants to look into your eyes. He is watching you and you are defenseless under his gaze. He strokes your head, the neck as if in gratitude for your waiting. You forgive him everything: your tired body and the doubts that have been coming to you all the time.

It doesn’t last long, he knows what he’s come for and doesn't like to wait if he wants something. You are happy to be a tool of pleasure for him.

You can hear his fly opening, he says to open your mouth. You just obey. His not yet stiffened cock sticks in your mouth. You begin sucking it little by little, listening to your sensations. For some reasons you are thinking how you look from a side. Excited. Sucking harder.

He likes it. His cock is already up completely, you still feel not very comfortable and you don't know what to do with it, but he takes your head in his hands and sets the pace. You’ve never thought it’s possible to get so much pleasure when being fucked in the mouth. For a while his pleasure becomes the main purpose of your life.

In spite of fatigue and discomfort, listening to his breathing, you are trying to make sure that he would cum as quickly as possible. Finally he slows down, almost completely pulls the cock out of your mouth and starts to cum. You're not in a hurry to swallow - he has already explained you the rules.

He takes out his dick. You lift your head up and show the contents of your mouth. What a pity that you can't see his face right now, maybe he is laughing. You feel ashamed again, but like a good girl you still keep your head up.

He tousles your hair and allows to swallow cum. You swallow it and lick the lips over. He removes the mask and helps you to stand up. You are squinting your eyes trying not to look at him directly.

You are ashamed and happy.

Now you know that you deserve to be fucked properly…

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