I’ll begin with the fact that I’m a whore.

There is nothing unusual in my story: immediately after graduation I got married, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and already 4 years I’ve been living with the husband I don’t love. He is obsessed with total control over me, he checks my phone calls, social networking, etc.

So, until recent time I was sure that my continuous cheating on was a kind of protest against the relentless control, a breath of fresh air for unhappy woman. But today I realized it is not. In my case, cheating is my goal in itself. Right now I definitely realized that I just want to sleep with different men, again and again shamelessly spread my legs and let the men’s tools in my holes...

Sometimes I concentrate my attention on a man out there and imagine how he could screw me! I fantasize about his big hands grabbing my white body, greedily licking my chest, squeezing my thighs, slapping my slutty ass by a hand! And I would be flowing like a river and finally begging him to shove his big hot cock up in my slippery pussy.

I imagine how hot and hard it is, I want to taste it, it must be salty a bit, but for me it's the best delicacy! This cock is delicious, unfamiliar and insanely attractive!

I want to pounce at him, caress it with my tongue, passionately licking the balls and then go to the sugar cockhead to hold it with my hot lips, catch and let go out of voluptuous captivity. Unable to withstand my pressure, the stranger rides up my skirt and fucks me with his fingers, first one crack, and when I’m spindling myself on his hand, he penetrates with the tip of his finger into the anus asteriks!

In his hands I'm like a ripe peach. Just a little of pressure, and my juice flows like fruit syrup right over my slender legs... I'm finally able to relax my back hole, while your two fingers are working in there. He generously lubricates my eager to pleasure flesh with his saliva and finally I perceive sexual satisfaction from another perspective!

I’ve been so long dreaming about it!

Sometimes in the bathroom, contrary to popular belief, I do not tease my clit. Instead I caress my ass, and it gives me great pleasure.

At one time I practically begged my husband to have my ass, so I could discover the joy of anal sex. But instead of orgasms I received a wave of blames and a lecture about purity and morality.

What in such situation should a young and attractive woman do?!

I found no other way but get the desirable thing from somewhere else. And most importantly, the fact of cheating exites me madly! When I go to bed with my husband after my body was used by a stranger, I freeze waiting for the moment when he begins licking my freshly fucked by another man slit. I'm ready to explode with orgasm at that thought!

According to the laws of the genre I had to describe myself at the very beginning. Well, dear reader, my name is Xenia and I am an ordinary girl. Neither a model, nor a fantastic beauty. Medium height, slender, with outstanding third size breast, burning brown eyes, sensual mouth and never subsiding heat in the lower part of the belly...

I am very pleased to meet you, and looks like... I want you...

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