My virgin boy

By that time I was 22 and he was 21.

When he came to me, I did not stand on ceremony, but immediately took him to the bedroom. First we chatted, laughed, joked and kissed. For me there was nothing new, usual things when you kiss a guy, you caress him everywhere! But it was his first time, and he said he wasn't ready.

I thought, does he surely expect sex? Hmm… Yes... so openly. Although it was sex to expect. It turned out that he was a virgin! I’ve had almost everything, but sex with a virgin - never! Without hesitation, I decided to tease him, but having started a game, I got deeply involved in the game myself.

I climbed on him, pushed him on the bed, began moving on him, rubbing against his cock, which was forming such a huge tent on his jeans. I slowly began unbuttoning his pants, he was breathing so irregularly. It drove me crazy.

I took his cock and began to slowly moving my hand from the cockhead to the base. I felt precum was coming out, so I went down below and began licking the cockhead. He moaned excitedly and asked me to go on, holding my head and turning me to his phallus. I was sucking his cock, slightly nipping the head with my teeth, firmly clasping it with my lips and moving faster, and he kept moaning and barely restrained himself not to cum too early.

I wanted him to cum right in my mouth, and closed my lips harder, then I licked the tip of the cockhead, one hand caressing his trunk and the testicles, and the other rubbing my clit.

I was so wet, I wish he had entered me, I wanted to feel his hot cock in me. Then I took off my panties and lifted up my skirt, he got up. I turned his hands to my pussy and began stimulating my clit with his fingers. I was moaning with pleasure, he kissed my neck, slightly biting and simultaneously thrusting his fingers in me, and the other hand firmly squeezed my ass. I wanted him be entirely in me.

We took off our shirts and leaned up slightly I rose above his cock. Then he grabbed my hips and pushed so hard that his cock went straight in me. I got everything tensed inside, as if he had filled me up, as if he was in my belly. I moaned with pleasure and began moving back and forth.

We went on kissing, my juice was flowing over our legs, his cock was moving in me and I wanted harder and rougher. But we continued it in a calm way.

I grabbed him hard behind his back and pulled closer. I was breathing loudly and I wanted to cum. But he was still moving slowly. I yelled so he would be stronger, but he continued slowly and rhythmically. I calmed down and gave in to his tempo.

Then he squeezed my ass hard and really hurt me. I screamed and he squeezed me and moved with persistence and tenacity up and down. I heard him moaning, it excited me even better, then I had cum, grabbing him by the shoulders and slightly biting his neck, and then he came as well. Right in me, for I felt his cum pulsing from inside of his cock, and how slowly it ran down over my legs.

It was the best and the easiest sex in my life! Since that time we are together!

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