Night. A large wheat field and no one around. Silence. In the distance there could be seen the tops of trees swaying with the wind. In the center of the field there’s a circle trampled and four bonfires along the borders. In the center of the circle there’s a naked red-haired witch quietly reading the spell.

After her last word the wind howls, the bonfires begin to burn even brighter and the mist is getting down on the field. From there a naked man is gracefully coming out only with the trunks on. Royal posture, smooth movements, sharp eyes and devilishly great smile - all that shows his status. The status of the demon of passion.

"So why did you summon me?" the demon looks with interest at the petite girl and his eyes light up with lustful flame.

"To fulfill some of my desires" – the hint of fear was heard in the girl’s voice and her blue eyes kept looking at the tent on the demon’s trunks.

The demon mockingly laughed and entered the circle. The witch didn’t expect that. He took hold of her chin and gently pulled it upward. The girl stood up. The demon didn’t remove his hand.

"You really think I'm going to listen to you? Such a small and defenseless..."

The demon's hand smoothly slid from the chin over the neck of the girl, the fingertips ran over the small tits. The demon look became softer and the breathing more frequent.

The girl was standing and trembling, but not with fear and cold. She trembled with the rush of desire, the desire to try a forbidden fruit.

The demon pulled the witch closer to him, and her breasts pressed against his torso. He took hold of her hand and put it on his groin. Fragile fingers were burned by the excited jade pillar, which has long wanted out.

The witch kissed the demon's body and slowly knelt down simultaneously pulling off his pants and letting his cock out. Then she ran the tip of her tongue over his rod, gently and passionately licking the cockhead.

With one hand she was fondling the balls, with the second she grabbed the rod and began gently sucking the throbbing cockhead filled with blood. The demon took hold of the golden head of the witch and slowly began moving his hips. His cock was driving into the passionate embrace of her mouth deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

So, the demon utters a wild roar and ejaculates his seed into the gentle mouth of the witch who swallows every last drop.

The demon took the witch in his arms and put down on the ground. He began showering her body with kisses, slowly getting down to the mound of Venus. His fingers gently opened the petals of the red flower and his tongue began licking the sweet nectar off and getting to the precious pearl.

The witch is wriggling with pleasure, her hands do not let the demon's head off, and her sweet moans break the silence of the night. The demon enjoyed her flower and easily turns the fragile witch over and puts her on all her fours piercing her flesh. Violent and sudden movements give the witch a lot of orgasms.

His hands dug into her taut and white buttocks, the nectar flows over the fragile legs of the witch and like honey flows off the demon’s testicles. The air is filled with spicy scent of passion and lust.

The demon's fingers begin fondling the other hole longing for pleasure, and then very boldly they break into her depths. After playing there a bit with his fingers, he replaces them with his cock. He slowly extends the gates of pleasure which squeeze him tightly and burning nicely.

The demon can’t hold it back and hastily begin banging the witch in the ass. Sweet torture lasted forever. The witch’s groan and the demon’s roar merged together, his seed erupted into the depths of the pleasure gate, the witch’s body shivers and they both fell down on the ground.

The demon hugged her and whispered in her ear:

"What kind of desire do I need to fulfill?"

"You’ve already done it", she replied sweetly and kissed the demon on the lips.

At dawn the demon went back into the mist, saying instead of goodbye:

"Come here again, I will fulfill your desires with pleasure".

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