In short and clearly

After the guests left my apartment, in the room there were only she and I. We ran out of cigarettes and wanted to sleep. We were lying beside on my sofa and watching a movie. I hugged her and kissed, as I did already thousands of times.

She's twenty. She has a pretty face and big grey eyes with long fluffy eyelashes. I was hypnotized by her breasts that teased me thrusting through her shirt.

She kissed me back and smiled playfully. She got up on the bed and began undoing the buttons of my shirt. Then she went lower and with her teeth pulled off my belt and undid the button on my pants. Having finished with me, she got undressed herself hurriedly, as if she already couldn’t help it.

Clinging to the naked female body I realized that I finally lost my wish to sleep.

I was showering her silky skin with kisses and caressing her hard nipples with my fingers. The smell of her body totally intoxicated my mind and erased the remnants of the reality around us. I ran a hand over her leg and down to the inner side of her thigh.

I touched her clit and felt how wet she had become at the bottom. Losing control I plunged my fingers in her, a little rough though, as I thought. She let out a deep sigh and dug her nails in my back.

Every muscle of my body got tensed, I enjoyed the amazing feeling I get just by being in her.

I was plunging in her over and over again: at first sharply and then slightly more gentle – she was moaning, and the deeper I entered her, the louder the moans became. She hugged me tight, panting and kissing and painfully scratching my back.

I felt tension in the abdomen and increased the pace – it seemed to me that I could hurt her, but she was moving in time with me and as if with the whole her body she was begging me go harder. Then I entered her to the maximum, her back arched one last time, and I physically felt the wave of pleasure running through her body, this made me want her even more.

I got out of her, looked into her eyes, kissed her deeply and ran my tongue trailing over her lower lip. I felt a fresh wave of my mistress excitement and trusted in my instincts.

She came the second time and after a few seconds turned me on my back and began kissing. She sank lower, until she got between my legs, the touch of her tongue was fantastically pleasant and a little cool – I knew I was gonna cum.

She ran the tip of her tongue over my clit, just a little touching the labia. I uttered the last sound and came.

It was fucking great, still we had to go out and buy cigarettes we didn’t have.

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