A gift to my birthday

All my friends and acquaintances knew I am a gay. No one remembers the circumstances when it was discovered, where the leak was from, but generally speaking no one cared.

So, all my friends knew I was gay. Except me. Or rather I knew I was. But I didn't know the others knew. I didn't know that when I was sitting in my room with a laptop and had virtual sex with an active partner, all the rest were reading all my descriptions, as I "fell before him on my knees and right before my eyes rose up his huge cock" on the other laptop in the kitchen, thanks to the scourge of the universe - the program that was called Radmin. I didn't know why they were giggling so quiet and sprinkling in hands when I happened to join them to have a smoke. And of course it couldn’t last long that way.

It was my birthday. My friends had long been aware of my correspondence at gay chat rooms and knew that my dream was to have sex with two actives at the same time. They found nothing better than arrange two gay prostitutes for me. I didn't know of that as always.

“Hmm, the guests must have come long ago”, I just frowned as the doorbell rang, “Yeah, here they are”.

I didn’t even have a look in the peephole and opened the door. At the same moment I was grabbed by someone's strong hands and carried on to the couch. I fearfully looked around and saw two muscular guys who turned on the music and were dancing getting closer to me. They were dressed in leather pants and already topless.

“Oh, God, it is a dream”, I thought, “Is it a bad dream or long awaited pleasure?

One of the guys came up to me dancing and gestured to take off his pants. I obeyed, deciding to obey to the good luck which had fallen on me from nowhere and have fun. I just eagerly exposed his phallus and began sucking. At that moment the second was already taking off my pants.

I went on sucking intensively the cock of Bill (I had called them John and Bill just to myself), sometimes distracting to lick his balls while John was licking my asshole. Oh, how sweet it was. It was sweet until John lubed his cock and began fucking me. I would have screamed with pain, but any sound coming out of my throat was drowned with Bill’s dick. I was squirming, but couldn't resist that steel double grip.

And there it came. Bliss... Pain was replaced with pleasure - a little bit smoothly, a little bit sharply, it was beyond words. I was being fucked by two well-hung guys in the mouth and in the ass and I was receiving great pleasure with that.

I do not remember how long it was going on. Several times we changed positions; I was either a rider on on the dick with another dick in my hand holding it like a scepter, or I just lay down on the bed and was squeezed with two bodies from both sides.

Finally it was all over. I can’t say I came with bliss in my anus, but when you ejaculate, the pleasure is instantly gone, and here the pleasure was being much prolonged. Bill and John were fiercely jerking off above my head, and I was waiting patiently for the fall of manna from heaven. And there it fell. Only some of it got in my mouth, actually, only half of cum, the rest flooded my face, the neck and the shoulders.

Bill and John took the boombox, got dressed and left as quickly as they came. I had a little of rest, recovering from such entertaining fucking and dragged on to the shower.

Guests came soon. And no one ever laughed at me behind any more. I have finally opened to myself.

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