I will always love you

You know, in these latter days I think about you more and more. I remember the first time we met tet-a-tet. I was bored at our summer house, we have been written off, you said that you would come. And you did.

I was looking into your eyes and at your smile. And you were sheepishly saying, "What’s wrong?" I looked away smiling. We were walking around the pond, sitting on a bench...

After that meeting I finally realized - I love you.

Just for me you logged in ICQ. We talked until late at night.

You know, I have dedicated so many poems and paintings just to you... All the time I have been sending them to you, and you replied with some of your old poems, which made me cry.

You know, my heart painfully ached when you told me about the one you loved. I wrote to you what to do, I wrote to you not to be upset, wrote to you just as a friend. Actually - I cried all the time. I knew that we could never be together.

Do you remember our first kiss? I was drunk, you walked me to my subway station. I overcame the fear, and kissed you. Then I turned and walked away quickly. I turned around a couple of times and you looked after me.

Do you remember how we came to my place? I was saying something to you, and you suddenly kissed me. I swear at that moment my legs gave way. As if wings had grown on my back. Then we went into the room, locked it and turned on TV. This time you kissed me. We lay on the bed. I kissed you and you kissed me. Then you were scratching my stomach and kissing the neck...

I wanted to moan with pleasure. Then your hand went down below, you casually ran it between my legs. I was ready to scream with excitement. Your kisses became more passionate and your hand scratched the skin of my stomach harder. And I liked it. Then I felt your hand crawling under the elastic band of my panties, I was ready for that, but I don't know why, I said you shouldn’t do it. Now I constantly regret that I didn’t allow that.

Do you remember how we quarreled? Because of this stupid thing. But you forgot ICQ, rarely replied to me in vk.com. That day I was crying. Again. I was hurt and offended.

You know, every day after that I came to your web page, watching your pictures and crying on and on.

After this incident, we occasionally saw each other, but barely talked. You were with your friends and I was alone. You have never smiled to me since then.

Though now we do not communicate, but I know I really love you.

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