The best day

It was a frosty day, but I was going to my goal, to the young man I met on the website. His name was Michael. He's 26 years old, medium height, medium build, and, as it turned out, only his instrument was unique and huge.

As agreed, we met at the bus stop and went to his house. The apartment was like a studio room, but it was filled with special comfort, I liked it. We had a little of coffee, we realized that was not why we were there, and after a short live conversation (we corresponded a little less than a month via webchat) we started undressing each other.

Here I saw the cock of my new friend. It was long and thick, I've never seen such one. My cock seemed a simple child's toy in comparison with his. I knelt down before him and enjoyed the moment when tender skin of his cock touched my lips, and I licked the cockhead again.

With a quick glimpse I saw Michael liked it, so I opened my mouth and tried to swallow this pretty stick. I was happy I did it. I repeated that again and again and again and again and then I began sucking it greedily until I was stopped by the owner of the apartment and this giant:

- I have a surprise for you, so don’t hurry up, dear, - he said.

I really wanted to know what it was. I couldn't wait to try everything and enjoy it - to plunge into the atmosphere of debauchery, when suddenly someone knocked on the door...

- Here's the surprise. You're lucky not to be waiting long. - Mike said approaching the door.

A young man entered the apartment, he was a neighbor of Michael. He was wearing a robe, which was instantly thrown off and in front of me a new miracle appeared, which was a bit less in size comparatively to the previous one, but as for the beauty it was as good as the first one.

Now I didn’t understand how I began to suck two cocks at once. I sucked them, I liked it, and so did my friends. The name of the second guy was still unknown to me. Michael got a place from behind and drove in me from the first spurt. My cry would have been heard everywhere around if not for the cock of a stranger that was in my mouth.

I liked that. I was being had like a slut by two men I didn't know at all. My dick was either hanging or getting up, which brought even more pleasure. I don't remember how many times I came, but I wanted the show to go on. I closed my eyes went on sucking the nice cock of Michael and at the same time I was being had by a hot secret stranger.

The time had come, Michael’s cock flinched, he firmly pressed my head to his cock so my nose rested at his pubis, and the hot jet shot into my throat. I just wanted to calm down, as the stranger came up to me and shot the load in my mouth.

It was a super day, the best day of my sexual life, and I again agreed to meet with Michael at the end of this week, and he promised this time there will be two strangers...

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