Magic Night

My name is Nikita, I'm 18 years old. I want to tell you about a magic night in my life. I met with my girl in the company of friends. She immediately drew attention to me. We used to ride bicycles. She always smiled, laughed, and I was fascinated. She joked. Our company consisted mostly of guys who were always around constantly hanging out with her. Everybody liked her. She's 18 as I am, 160cm tall, 40 kg, the chest of elegant shape and size number two, on her slender body it looked divine.

She was wearing a tight t-shirt with the deep neckline, so it was easy to admire her charms. Slim flat belly, wasp waist! I paid much attention to her ass and the legs. Her ass was hard as nuts, it wasn’t small, but taut and alluring, and her legs were slender and a bit muscular and looking sexy. And those her tiny shorts... While we were riding, I heard the guys saying they would like to have her. And I had no words to express how beautiful she was, so smart and so perfect.

We were chatting, made friends, and then dating. I was in the seventh heaven, I wanted to live vividly and I enjoyed every moment. I was a virgin. One day we went to the apartment my family moved out from and was going to sell. The furniture was still there but no one lived any longer.

We decided to watch some toons, my little girl loves them very much. We turned them on and lay on the huge bed in front of the box. We hugged and kissed. It was summer, very hot in the room and I took off my t-shirt. My girl was stroking my chest, the stomach, and her hand was going down lower.

I asked if she was a virgin either. She said she wasn’t. I got a little bit disappointed. Her breath was hot, her sighs clearly showed she wanted that as much as I did. My cock was already up and hard and waiting for the moment to remove uncomfortable shorts. It didn’t take long. She took them off, I took off her t-shirt, undid her bra and opened her lovely breasts. Her stiffened nipples beckoned me, and I started kissing her, her tits and her body. Slowly I pulled her shorts and the panties off from her and started kissing her wet pussy.

She moaned gently, then put him on his back and got down to doing unforgettable blowjob to me! My eyes rolled up, and then she abruptly sat on my “buddy”. At first it was a little painful. She jumped on me like crazy, and with such a pleasure I shot huge amount of cum. She smiled, licked over my cock, went to the bath, washed, and I followed her naked. I hugged her, kissed and my penis got stiffened again. She noticed that and dragged me to the room where I bent her down in the doggy-style.

At neckbreaking speed I was driving my cock in her. She was screaming with pleasure, and I was still pacing up. In half an hour I had cum, and she had as well. Exhausted we were lying for about an hour, and I realized that I love her more than anyone in this world.

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