There is nothing worse than relieving your fatigue and tension with a bottle of beer. But how else? It’s simple — meditation.

She was 26 years old. She wasn’t a typical girl. No, not in the sense she had a cock on the forehead. Short, 164 cm height, fragile, her hair color changed depending on mood. Young body was decorated with tattoo of a serpent and a spider. Interested in sex, orgasms, and control of her body...

On her birthday she decided to make a gift to herself – a singing bowl. She came home, got undressed, sat on the floor and took the purchase in her hands, examining it from all sides, and smiling to her reflection in the bowl. She turned the stick in her hands and began...

Slowly circled the stick around the bowl, closed her eyes and got down to listening to the "singing". Vibration of the bowl echoed in every cell of her body, especially in the navel area. Excitation was growing, fatigue and irritation vanished in the music. Whiskeys were pulsing. With pleasure she bit her lip and slightly accelerated the pace. Fever. In the chest, then all over the body. The world around disappeared. There was only darkness... and music. She was totally off. What did she see?

Night. The full moon illuminates the road to a house. She goes in there. At the table a young man is sitting. He silently takes her hand and draws her closer to him. He rubs his chin over her hair. Excitation is growing stronger. The bowl is singing... She realizes she has no clothes on, and so has the guy. In the navel area the flame is burning. His hands stroke her back, the buttocks, and then "dive" between her legs. Wet, hot. Her legs are trembling. He puts her on the floor. A brush appears in his hands from somewhere.

It’s soft... he drives it over her body. She’s held her breath and now listens to her sensations. Soft fur caresses her breasts, tickling the swollen nipples, slowly sinking lower and lower. Her “bud” is already covered with dew and opens its petals exposing the "pearl". The brush barely touches it and her body is as if pierced shock. Her eyes widened, her pupils increased and her sweet moan merged with the melody.

Their bodies intertwined. Passion clouded their minds, they wanted only one thing... Gripping her hips he abruptly drove in her. The walls of her "temple" clenched their guest. She dug her nails into his shoulders, tears ran down over her cheeks. "Yes!" Another wave of orgasm. No. It was more like tsunami.

Sharp and quick movements. The melody is becoming louder and louder. The moon outside shone brighter, illuminating with its light their naked bodies. "Come on, little one", he whispered in her ear. Every cell of her body seemed to beat in ecstasy. Push, another push... she closed her eyes. She bent her back, pressed her "temple" tighter to him, his hands already grabbed her by the hair. Screaming cry.

It's all gone.

She woke up in her room, still playing the bowl. But melody was not so smooth any longer, her hands were trembling, the body is "whining" nicely and much of "dew" under her feet…

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