This story is inspired by my memories.

Today I accidentally met Helen. She was embarrassed, looked down and just passed by. I understand her. Now she's not a young girl, she is a board member of the largest enterprise in our city. But before...

Helen was small in stature, slender, with unusually big boobs number four. I met her in a web chat. We had a nice talking and having virtual fun.

We met at a bar in the downtown. She drank, and for I was the driver I didn’t drink. We left the bar and I couldn’t help but dragged Helen into the driveway. He pressed her to the wall, slipped his palm between her legs and began squeezing her through the thin white pants.

She was melting just before my eyes. Her body became pliable and helpless. I could do with her whatever I wanted. And I got the feeling of absolute power over the body and the soul of that helpless girl.

She was not a virgin girl though. In her own small town over 200 km far from here her husband and her year-old daughter stayed. And she came here to study, to build a career and everything connected with it.

Her body was burning with the thirst of sex. She wanted to yield, to belong to someone. But her husband was far away, and I was close, couldn’t be closer. She was pressed with her back to the brick wall of a three hundred year old house.

But in the doorway it turned out to be uncomfortable, the crowds of tourists were walking by and we didn’t enjoy their presence. We got in the car, and rode away...

But it was unbearable to wait for the arrival home. I stopped at some narrow street with small, two-storeyed wooden houses.

I undid the button on her pants. She fidgeted with her hips, trying to slip out of her pants. I ran a finger into her panties and realized how much she wanted that.

She was not just damp and not just wet. Her juice was flowing out of her like a waterfall. Later she told me about that her feature. She always flowed with streams, when she was excited.

A couple of minutes I wiggled with my finger and she had cum, fidgeting her hips and filling her white pants with the streams of her juice...

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