My first love

My name is Sergey. By the time that story had happened I was 19 years old, a funny and handsome guy. Many girls chased me, but I liked the young 18-year-old girl with name Annie. She had a pretty face and something similar to the girl from the East with a perfect body, 170cm tall, funny and cheerful.

I had been dating her for two years and we had nothing more than long kisses, but her kisses were divine. But now it’s not the point to talk about. She assured me that she had never been with a man, so I thought there was no need to hurry.

Of course, there were rumors that she slept with many guys behind my back and continued doing that especially for expensive gifts (cell phones, and junk jewelry), but I refused to take it all in my mind. Many guys wanted to make us parted, and I thought that everything they did was for envy. I didn’t believe a single rumor.

But one evening my phone rings – my groupmate from the university tells me interesting news. On a dating site he’s found the profile of my Annie. I'm going straight to him. Indeed it was her profile. It would have been nothing to worry, but for one line – “Offering sex for money”.

We didn’t think long. I wrote my data, placed a photo of my friend, and then it was easy. There comes the answer and her phone number. So we appointed a meeting at some apartment, later I found out that she rented it specially for that purpose.

I come to this address, ring the doorbell and I see my sweet beautiful Annie wearing sexy underwear and high heels. She was, of course, surprised with my visit, but she had nothing to say.

I didn't know what to do next. I was full of anger. I pounced on her, tore off her beautiful lingerie. Her breasts were firm and beautiful, and she didn't even resist.

She excited me with her appearance, but in my head flashed the idea that I was going to fuck her there, where she had dozens of men. I put a rubber on put her on her all fours and drove in her ass. At first she did not understand what it was, but as I started to move she began crying, screaming and howling. My orgasm was so bright...

Up to nowadays I haven’t had such pleasure again. Now I'm married and still can't persuade my beloved wife to have anal sex.

Since that day I have never seen Annie. That’s the real story I have had.

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