Oh, Mother Nature!

It was a sunny May day, and my friends and I decided to have a nature trip. Or, rather, there was only one of my friends, all the rest were his friends from college. Honestly, I knew how it all would end up and immediately agreed to go. I wanted to be fucked by several guys.

Now, when I’m writing this story I got very wet between my legs, because remembering that I'm jealous of myself.

We laid out our belongings, spread the blankets on the ground and the guys decided to swim naked. They were not shy at all and also there were a lot of them, and I was the only girl there. They quickly got undressed and ran to the river. I decided not to hesitate and provoke all by myself. I also got completely undressed and approached the river bank. The boys not immediately noticed me. I tried the water and it seemed cold to me. While I was thinking whether to swim or not, I was called from the river by Vova, the best friend of my friend.

- Come to us! - he shouted.

I shook my head and said that I was cold and I knew a better way to warm up. Guys didn’t really believe what was happening. They took everything for a joke, or just thought I was uninhibited.

But when they finally came out of water and sat down on the sheets, I said that I was bored and I knew how to have fun. I said one would lick my pussy and the other three give me cocks to suck. Of course, the guys didn’t immediately got it, but I pulled the shorts off from Nick and picked up his cock. He had a very beautiful cock, long and thick, as it turned out it was the biggest one of all for that day.

I started to suck slowly, and the other guy was licking my pussy. The others were jerking off, ready to put them into the wet and narrow holes. My ass was already well worked out and I loved being fucked in there. I told them to lick it and then pulled myself on Nick.

I never felt a man so good, he filled me up. I told my friend to get into my ass softly, and when he pushed his cock fully in me, I was ready to cum.

The feeling when you have two cocks in is unforgettable. I was blowing Vova and Maxim in turns swallowing one cock, then another, I tried to shove them both in my mouth, while the guys were moving inside me. Because of the strong excitation I wanted to suck even harder and I quickly moved my head, swallowing Vova’s cock very deep. He put it under my cheek slightly slapping on it with his hand and said:

- Good sucker, you slut, I want to cum in your ass.

From these words and sharp movements inside me, I was writhing in convulsions and receiving the brightest orgasm in my life. Feeling me contracting all over and hearing my moans the guys came and went to cool off in the river.

I was lying and there was much sperm leaking out. Vova wasn’t going to wait and shoved it up my ass, he fucked me long and came inside of me as well.

Then came the turn of the last guy. He just wanted to feel me. He was surprisingly tender, licking my pussy and then he slowly entered me. But his cock was small and after Nick I didn't feel anything, so I imitated an orgasm to encourage his efforts and tenderness.

But really… there was no use of tenderness, when I love to be fucked like the worst whore.

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