First Time With My Girlfriend

For some reason many think that masturbation is bad, but get down to masturbating in secret from everyone and even in the most perverted form. I told my girlfriend about that and showed how it's done in all sorts of Internet resources: video, images and so on. And then... I showed her how I do it...

I asked her to get undressed, there was no need to ask twice. She stripped to underwear: to small, thin panties with a funny smile in the area of the clit and the thin bra. I lay down on the bed, got undressed completely and began fondling myself. I licked my fingers and touched the nipples. Caressing the nipples, I noticed how the eyes of my girlfriend lit up. Soon my nipples were swollen, tense and excitement increased, but I wanted to prolong that pleasure.

Moreover my girlfriend liked it better and better. Slowly I descended to the crotch, on the way caressing every cell of the body with my fingers. My legs were pressed together, and my friend saw nothing. I slowly spread my legs and let her see my pink pussy. Maybe, it just seemed to me, but she licked her lips over. I covered my pussy with a hand. It was warm.

I trailed the fingers over my vulvar lips, drew a circle on the hole. I licked a finger and pressed it to the clitoris. Ooh... It tensed, I began to rub it. Soon there appeared a sweet feeling... Then I noticed that my girlfriend's nipples were protruding through the thin fabric of the bra. My girl was horny... I rubbed my clit a little more and stuck the finger into the hole. It was so wet and hot... I fucked myself a little with fingers thus bringing myself to orgasm. But I went on fucking my pussy.

Then my eyes fell on my girlfriend's panties, they were dark with moisture. That was it, my girl was ready. I slowly removed her bra and the panties, trying not to touch the erogenous places. She didn't resist. I took her nipple in my hand. Oh, it was so hard. Probably, her excitement was just looking for a way out. And I got turned on again. I twisted her nipples a little with my fingers, and then kissed them. So hot and solid. I fondled on, my friend began breathing heavily, but this was only the beginning.

Sucking on her nipples, my hands were going down to her pussy. She had it so neat, clean, hot and humid. I ran my fingers over her vulvar lips... so gentle. Oh, my girl blushed and even her pussy became red. I began rubbing her clit, the girl began breathing even heavier. I saw that she was close to orgasm and suddenly stopped caressing.

My girl begged me to continue and I went on... with my tongue. The girl began squirming and then convulsed with orgasm... so did I. While I was pleasing the girlfriend, I caressed myself as well. My face was wet with the secretions of my girlfriend. I was doing cunnilingus for the first time, and it was the first time for her to have it. It was so nice.

Since my girlfriend and I often have a shower together, sleep together sometimes, play with our pussies and petting each other increasingly more and more perverted each time. But we do not forget about the guys and participate in groupsex from time to time. But that's quite another story...

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