My Husband Has Whanged Me

As usual I was watching porn videos, when Sasha suddenly came up to me. I didn't even have time to close the page.

- Is that what you like, bitch? - he muttered and abruptly left the room.

I got worried.

- Get ready, - I heard his voice.

He entered the room. His hands were holding a rope and a soldier's leather belt.

- Well, come to me, - he said.

- What are you up to? - I said straining myself, although I already anticipated the fulfillment of my old dream "being punished".

Looks like he didn't want to argue with me, as he simply overpowered me and tied my hands and feet, blindfolded and… painful anticipation began.

I heard him kneading the belt and pouring something to drink.

Then he started stroking my trembling ass with the belt. The blow was unexpected. After the first the other showered on me.

- You need to want your husband instead of unknown men in the Internet, - he said.

Then abruptly he put me on my knees and his standing cock rested against my mouth.

- Suck it bitch! Suck it good!

I tried to resist, but a couple of blows with the belt made me submissive. I opened my mouth and started licking it over. But this approach didn't satisfy him and he took hold of my head and simply fucked me in the mouth.

Then he put me on my all fours, spread my legs wider and began flogging me… Blows were followed by patting with the belt... and blows again.

Suddenly, he stopped and turned me over. The belt was rubbing my wet pussy. I shrank all over and not without a reason: after stroking he began slapping me with the belt. Gradually increasing the strength of the blows, he flogged me from front.

I couldn't stand it and just cried out, begging him to fuck me.

However, Sasha was just laughing and said I hadn't deserved fucking yet.

After whipping my pussy, he told me to stand on my all fours. I obeyed immediately. He got in at once and started fucking me at a neckbreaking speed. Then he abruptly got it out and took hold of his belt again. Several blows on the buttocks forced me to raise my ass a little higher and arch my back.

Suddenly sharp pain pierced my anus - he shoved it up my ass until it stopped. I cried out, but a couple of hand slaps on the ass cooled me down and I kept my mouth shut and started doing upward movements.

Since that time the belt has been hanging on the headboard of our bed and been used very often...

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